animalEO for Dogs

One thing I do not have a shortage of, is dogs in my life! Okay – they are like potato chips – and I could have a few more! I became attracted to Bully Breeds when I was in college. A sweet little puppy, who weighed only 2 pounds, came into the vet clinic where I worked, in a coma. She had “fallen” off of a two story deck onto cement, likely with the aid of the 2 year old child who was left unattended with her.
It just so happened that she was a Pit Bull. Long story short, she was abandoned at that veterinary hospital, and I ended up adopting her. I was committed to having the “best Pit Bull on earth” and training her so well that no one would ever be afraid of her. This started my life-long passion to prove that the breed is what you make it, not a name or a look. So, in the past, I have had 13 (yes thirteen) beautiful pitties in my life at one time! Our current 2020 pack consists of two Pit Bulls, a Pit Bull Chihuahua mix (don’t ask, long story), two Rhodesian Ridgeback German Shepherd mixes, and a Malamute. We truly have a Six Pack right now!

I will forever love Pit Bulls. They are an extremely intelligent and strong breed, not meant for everyone, that is for sure! But, I will likely never be without a Pit Bull or a Sphynx cat in my home! Almost every dog who has ever blessed our home with their presence is a rescue dog. Often, they were destined for euthanasia when no one else could take them on. They have taught me the most about canine veterinary medicine, because being my first “children” – you can bet that I want only the best for them. And, if a health condition arises, I want the most natural, but effective solutions for them. However, if traditional methods are still in their best interest – I am fully willing to admit that. Loving holistic and natural medicine – and especially essential oils – does not mean that we can abandon traditional care. There is always a time and a place for it – and I hope that I can truthfully educate you on when essential oils are WONDERFUL and when essential oils should probably be left out for a certain purpose. My goal is to present to you only things that are effective for the majority of dogs, and not information intended to sell oils or present some “magical cure-all” for every problem.

For example, Heartworm Prevention is always a very requested item to have a replacement for naturally. Although there are some natural items that are showing great promise, I would say we are far from having any solid or reliable methods at this time. I am working on it passionately – as when “Babe” joined our pack – we found out that she was heartworm positive. When I volunteered in Oklahoma after the May 2013 Tornadoes left many animals homeless and buried in the post-tornado debris. Babe was one of the dogs who did not get claimed by an owner – and I ended up adopting her and bringing her back to Minnesota with me! Once home, routine blood testing revealed that she was heartworm positive. Although a set back, she is an important part of my mission to advance heartworm treatment and prevention with essential oils. She joined our heartworm study, and in 2018 was confirmed completely heartworm free!
Click HERE to Learn More about Babe & Heartworm
The main point is, animalEO will only present products and natural protocols that I feel comfortable with my own dogs relying on. I do not wish to present essential oil products to you, that do not have a good track record! Until we have good veterinary evidence that a protocol is being effective for the majority of animals (let’s face it, nothing will ever be 100% for 100% of the population) – I do not want to create a product for that purpose. There are many companies out there that will ride the “natural band wagon” – and just because there is a huge desire and need for a natural solution to many conditions – they will make one up without any proof that it is actually effective. I am okay with anecdotal evidence, because although I cannot always “prove” the scientific pathway for a response, clinical evidence and results are very worthwhile in my opinion. So, although I cannot always tell you all of the scientific ways that Copaiba has been helpful for arthritis pain and stiffness, clinically we have seen the benefits in hundreds if not thousands of animals (even humans.)


A common question we get, is if we have a starter kit for dogs. And while there are plenty of products I can’t live without – and tend to always recommend for dogs – it can vary with your goals and dog’s health status as to the full recommendations that you should have on hand. But for my own dogs – as a base of what I like to keep on hand – here is your list! Read through these descriptions, and see what fits into your dog’s life!!!

AromaBoost RTU, Away, Boost in Bottle, Calm-a-Mile RTU, G.I. Goe, New Mobility RTU. And ALWAYS some form of Water-Based Diffusion is recommended in my world! Feel free to pick a couple blends that are indicated for diffusion. And every time you fill up your diffuser, rotate to a new one! Favorite diffusion blends include Open-Air, Strength, Away, and Calm-a-Mile NEAT. And YES – every animalEO blend for diffusion – is safe for all animals in your household! Not just dogs!

animalEO Products Recommended for Various Canine Conditions:

The most common questions we are asked, is what to use with certain situations. Once you have obtained an accurate diagnosis along with the help of your veterinarian (this is REALLY important) – here is a list of products that I will most often select to support that particular condition. Obviously, this list is not all inclusive – and can vary depending on your dogs sensitivity or responses. Layering multiple products can be really helpful for some cases, but even starting with just one item can be effective for some. There is no right or wrong – but there is a lot of individual variation. Please do join our Facebook Group – by CLICKING HERE – we have a dedicated “Pack” of administrators who can help to suggest products, and to help you with any questions you may have as you start using our products! While not veterinarians, we appreciate the common sense and real world experience of our group members! Always read the product page for each product you purchase or are interested in fully for directions and suggestions on use! These items are not intended to treat these conditions – however are provided as support to maximize the body’s own ability to heal. Statements and recommendations have NOT been evaluated by the FDA.

Common Canine Conditions:

Abscess Dental: Dog Breath or Dog Breath LITE to the tooth area, Any-Itis orally in food. Dog Breath or Dog Breath LITE may also be added to drinking water. Full body support with AromaBoost (RTU or LITE) or Boost in a Bottle (regular or LITE). hempEO can be considered for additional support.

Abscess Skin: Overall body support with AromaBoost (RTU or LITE) or Boost in a Bottle (regular or LITE). Boost in a Bottle can also be applied to the abscess location when appropriate.

Acne: Most common on the chin area, Skin Spray Base can be used as a mist or within DIY wipes or washes. Also support the full body similarly to recommendations under Allergies. Skin Spray Base French Green Clay or YeastyBeasty French Green Clay are also excellent suggestions. For skin that is not “too moist” YeastyBeasty RTU may be applied to acne areas.

Addison’s Disease: AdrenoBalance (with our without AromaBoost and/or Boost in a Bottle).

Allergies: AromaBoost (RTU or LITE) or Boost in a Bottle (regular or LITE) topically on a regular basis. YeastyBeasty RTU topically to problem areas. YeastyBeasty NEAT within shampoos or water mists. Diffusion is also helpful for allergies – suggested blends are Open-Air, Strength, Exhale. All of the French Green Clay products may be appropriate.

Alopecia X: AromaBoost (RTU or LITE), Boost in a Bottle (regular or LITE), or KittyBoost (regular or LITE) for very small and sensitive dogs topically. AdrenoBalance as an additional topical application. Hormone Blend either diffused or used in a Petting application.

Amyloidosis: Support the body region affected (brain NeuroBoost, kidneys UroBoost), as well as providing full body support with AromaBoost (RTU or LITE) and/or Boost in a Bottle (regular or LITE). Diffusion is highly recommended, with blends such as Lovely, Strength, Sunshine in a Bottle.

Anal Gland Issues: AromaBoost (RTU or LITE) or Boost in a Bottle (regular or LITE) topically applied on a regular basis to the dog as described on the product pages – not directly onto the anal glands. Skin Spray Base made into water misting spray directly onto anal gland area. See our past newsletters for an anal gland article.

Anaplasma: See tick borne disease

Anesthesia Detoxification: Diffusion of any animalEO blend, especially Litteroma LiverCat, G.I. Goe, Calm-a-Mile NEAT. Topical applications of Boost in a Bottle, with LiverBoost. Any-Itis can also be given in foods twice a day if indicated.

Anorexia: Not eating. Sometimes applications of oils such as G.I. Goe can be helpful. This and other blends can also be diffused. Applications of AromaBoost and/or Boost in a Bottle also contain G.I. Goe while supporting the full body.

Antihistamine Actions: AromaBoost RTU, Boost in a Bottle contain oils with these properties. Diffusion of Litteroma AllCat is also recommended.

Anxiety: Some dogs experience a “post-boost coma” – of calm and serene feelings after an AromaBoost RTU or Boost in a Bottle application. Use these properties to your benefit if your dog is calmer after application. Also look at diffusion (basically 24-7) and rotate through blends to find the one your dog responds to the most. Suggestions are Calm-a-Mile NEAT, Clear Sailing, Strength, Transition, although any blend has some calming ability. Calm-a-Mile RTU is wonderful as a topical application. See much more information on the Calm-a-Mile RTU page, as well as a past newsletter.

Arthritis: Any-Itis orally in food, New Mobility RTU topically. Body supportive blends also will help support this condition, and many of the oils within over-lap.

Aspiration Pneumonia: See Cough

Atopy: See Allergies

Aural Hematoma: Canine Ear Spray to the ear canal itself. CardioBoost topically to the swelling. Do not neglect full veterinary care.

AutoImmune Conditions: AromaBoost RTU sometimes even daily to twice a day. Use Boost in a Bottle between applications of AromaBoost. Add Any-Itis to food twice a day if indicated. Always incorporate diffusion in the home – any blend is fine, suggestions include Strength, Sunshine in a Bottle, Open-Air, and Litteroma AllCat especially.

Behavioral Conditions: See Anxiety

Bell’s Palsy: NeuroBoost applied topically as indicated. This can be combined with Boost in a Bottle and/or AromaBoost applications. Diffuse NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend basically 24-7. Any-Itis can be given in food twice a day.

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH): See Prostatic Conditions

Benign Tumor: Dump-a-Lump may be applied directly to certain lumps. See product page for specifics. Full body support with Boost in a Bottle and/or AromaBoost is still recommended.

Bilious Vomiting: Full body support with AromaBoost and/or Boost in a Bottle is recommended. G.I. Goe is contained within these blends, and G.I. Goe can be used alone for symptomatic support and needs. G.I. Goe can also be diffused for more continuous support.

Bladder Infection: AromaBoost and/or Boost in a Bottle, given with UroBoost applications topically as directed.

Bladder Stones: Nothing will dissolve the stone other than proper diet or possible surgery if needed. Support similarly to Bladder Infection. Add Any-Itis to food twice a day as well.

Blastomycosis: AromaBoost RTU applications regularly, with Boost in a Bottle applied in between. Depending on symptoms, daily applications may be needed. Apply based on response. Also diffuse 24-7, especially with Open-Air and Exhale. Tenting “nebulizing treatments” can be given 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes each time. Other beneficial blends to diffuse include RoseRamie and Strength.

Bloat: Seek immediate veterinary attention, do not neglect medical and surgical care for this emergency situation. G.I. Goe can be used for support, as well as AromaBoost RTU, Boost in a Bottle. Also see recommendations for Anesthesia.

Bone – Broken: As an adjunct to veterinary care, New Mobility RTU can be applied near the location to support healing and comfort. Any-Itis may also be given in food twice a day.

Bone Conditions: Similarly to a broken bone, our goal is to support normal body health and healing. Regular applications of AromaBoost with Boost in a Bottle in between, are strongly suggested. New Mobility RTU can be applied to location as needed. Any-Itis can be added to food twice a day as indicated. When possible or desired, the residue from the AromaBoost or Boost in a Bottle application on your hands, can be rubbed onto the bone area of concern.

*DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not to replace proper medical care and guidance. The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA - and any recommendation is not intended to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease or condition. Please work with your veterinarian with any health concern.