Sniff Its

I am so pleased to have been contacted by the creator of the Sniff-it – to participate in which essential oils should be used with her product! Not only is Lou Ann an amazing lady – but she is dedicated to helping rescue and shelter dogs (as well as any dog in need) with her product. We couldn’t have been a better match!

Sniff-it Collar Diffuser

These beautiful, handmade items are a felted wool fabric, with industrial grade Velcro attachments. You wrap the Sniff-it around your dog’s collar, whenever you need them to have exposure to essential oils!

My own dogs have been “testers” for the Sniff-its for many months now. And they are some rough and tumble fur-kids! We have put our Sniff-its through the torture test; they have endured rain, mud, an “escapee” swimming and playing on our flooded land, bully-style play mode, and of course various essential oils applied to them over, and over again! Although the fun and frolicking has made them a bit dirty, they have washed up well, and not a single one has come off of a collar! That, is an amazing statement. As almost every other diffuser made for dog collars that we have tried, have been quick to break or become lost. And, I have paid far more for those diffusers than for a Sniff-it!

So many ways to use a Sniff-it!

Of course, the Sniff-it does not have to be limited to a dog collar! You can attach it to a kennel – and even a CAT KENNEL to help them with a car ride or crate training!

The Sniff-it Movement!

The Sniff-it was created in the combination of a dream and desire to help all dogs in need, and each sale of a Sniff-it benefits foster based rescue groups. There is a huge goal of both animalEO and Sniff-it to help dogs (and all animals) in need, and we will continue to work together to bring more and more benefits to all animals in need!

Instructions from the Sniff-it package:

Wearing a Sniff-it helps your dog to focus, be calm, and make better choices. The essential oils are placed on the Sniff-it carrier attached to your dog’s collar (below the nose) and are inhaled, working immediately on the cellular level to positively impact body and brain function. Put your best paw forward! An excellent aid to positive reinforcement training.

For maximum effect, follow these steps:

Prepare: Introduce your dog to the Sniff-it a few days before intended use.

Apply 1-2 drops of Essential Oil* to the pillow square facing out. Do your dog’s most favorite thing (Frisbee, ball, eating their food) etc… It is important to have fun! Then take the Sniff-it off and store tightly sealed in its carrier bag. Repeat this positive association for at least 30 seconds 3 times a day for 3 days.


Perform: Often dogs sense the approach of storms, car rides, vet visits and other events they find unpleasant or worrisome. In advance and while your dog is calm, remove Sniff-it from carrier bag, apply 1 drop of Essential Oil* and attach to collar. Check to make sure pillow square is facing out and is placed beneath the dog’s nose.


When the event is over, remove Sniff-it and store tightly sealed in its carrier bag. Replenish with 1 drop of Essential Oil* as necessary.

*Use Veterinarian formulated and recommended animalEO oils on this Sniff-it.

To Clean:

Hand wash in soap and water. Rinse thoroughly in clear water, blot excess on towel and dry completely. Re-apply 1-2 drops of essential oil and seal securely in carrier bag.

Made of 100% natural fibers & animalEO in the U.S.A.

Sniff-it Sizes and Variations:

Sniff-its come in 3 sizes.

The Small Sniff-it fits around a 1/2″ collar. This can also be a great size for placement onto the bars of a cat kennel or carrier.

The Medium Sniff-it is great for most dogs – and fits around a 1″ collar. This is the size for most medium to large dogs – and can also be placed onto kennel bars as in the pictures above.

The Large Sniff-it will fit around larger collars – over an inch wide. No two Sniff-its are alike!

Each Sniff-it will be a different coloration and color combination. Each one is gorgeous in its own right, and I have to try hard to not look at them before I ship them to you – or else I want them all! However, because each one is different, it makes it impossible to accommodate requests for a special color or variety – but – we are sure you will love each and every one as much as I do!

What you get:

Each Sniff-it comes with one beautiful and unique, handmade collar attachment in the size you have selected. Each size can stretch slightly to accommodate a slightly larger collar… however if too large, your Sniff-it may wiggle and spin around on the collar.

The Sniff-it comes within a re-usable, food-grade, heavy plastic bag for proper storage and preservation of your “anointed” Sniff-it.

Each Sniff-it package comes with a 0.55mL sample bottle of animalEO Calm-a-Mile RTU, Clear Sailing, Focus, or Transition for use with the Sniff-it!

Crate Sniff-its

This Sniff-it is designed to mount with velcro attachment to a crate or surface of your choosing. Each Crate Sniff-it will come with a 0.55mL sample bottle of the animalEO blend of your choice! Calm-a-Mile RTU, Clear Sailing, Focus, Happy Cat, or Transition.

Mr. Mouse!

Mr. Mouse is a great way to make your cat happy! Add a bit of Happy Cat or other animalEO blend, and nourish health and happiness while playing!

Mr. Mouse comes with a 0.55mL sample bottle of Happy Cat, but can be used with any animalEO blend.

Place it within a carrier for travel, in a cat bed, or any other creative location you wish Mr. Mouse to live!

*DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not to replace proper medical care and guidance. The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA - and any recommendation is not intended to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease or condition. Please work with your veterinarian with any health concern.