Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Llama, Alpaca, Pigs, and Others...

For the majority of Large Animals, the same techniques and application methods that we use for Dogs and Horses tend to be used. Animals such as goats and pigs, tend to follow the dog recommendations a bit more. And larger animals such as Cattle, Alpaca, Llama, and other hoof stock, tend to follow many of our horse recommendations.

For organic farms, fiber farms, and animals such as our “pet goats” who provide our families with wholesome and “happy” milk – essential oils are an excellent way to maintain health, help to prevent illness, and not contaminate fibers or foods with artificial chemicals, when we intend to use in our human lives.

Please do make sure to read through our Horses page HERE – as well as information pertaining to dogs for a better understanding of many of the recommendations and techniques used for these animals.

Products Recommended for Various Issues

Mastitis & Udder Issues:

This is one of the more common issues we can see in animals who are producing milk. Udder Vitality is the blend we recommend for use – either regularly as a preventive measure or for when symptoms of mastitis are detected. For organic farms who have struggled with high somatic cell counts, or even have just a single individual prone to mastitis – Udder Vitality has helped to support and return a regular healthful state. Cell counts for many farms have been reported as improved with continued use – as described on the instructional product page HERE.

Hooves, Claws, Foot Pads, Nails:

No matter what type of feet your animal has, we can see foot issues for all of them. Irritations due to mites or parasites, hoof and foot abscesses, injuries, or various forms of foot rot. For issues directly on hard and “horn-like” areas, we use HardyHoof as described on it’s product page. When issues are more on the skin surrounding the foot area, we may find that the use of Skin Spray Base or RoseRamie or RoseRamie Plus to be of benefit.

Fiber Production:

For those animals who bless us with their fiber for our humanly needs…essential oils can help to reduce stress at sheering, improve health conditions, and support preventive measures that insure continued health.

Commonly I am asked if the oils will ruin the hair coat – or indeed if they will even provide benefit through the thick layer of fiber that the animal may have. As we have discussed many times, hair and hair follicles can actually act as a wick to absorb oils into the body, and the body’s natural oils also help to dissipate and absorb oils (as essential oils are lipophillic, and therefore more soluble in fatty or greasy substances than water). I will still part the hair slightly if a sheep or llama seems to have many inches of fiber between the application site and their skin, but over all, the oils will eventually arrive to their intended location.

In terms of fiber quality – in general I would suggest that you attempt to avoid “drowning” your fiber in oils – as it could alter their quality, and some oils may even discolor more pale fibers. We have not really had issues reported, and oils and carrier oils that are natural – do not seem to pose a threat to a fiber harvest – but it is good to know that if you had a show animal – you may want to avoid application to a site that may look greasy or colored after all of your hard work! Many times, we can apply essential oils to the underside, or udder or groin area of these animals, to avoid the fiber issue. We just need to take more care with oils that may be a bit “hotter” in nature, with the delicate undersides of our animal friends.

For most animals – we will suggest AromaBoost RTU or Boost in a Bottle for routine health issues or preventive health. Applying as we would for a dog or horse.

*DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not to replace proper medical care and guidance. The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA - and any recommendation is not intended to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease or condition. Please work with your veterinarian with any health concern.