animalEO for Exotic Animals

There are many types of exotic animals in this world – so there are several recommendations that will vary depending on your particular species. For our purposes, we’ll include various wildlife species in our “Exotic” definition.

Water-based diffusion is always something that I recommend for all homes with exotic animals. From Gerbils to Rats, Snakes to Hermit Crabs, Ferrets to Parrots – Water-Based Diffusion is a sure thing!

Please see the page on Diffusion for instructions on diffusing, which diffuser you should have, and how to monitor your animals.

Each product recommended for Exotic Animals will instruct you on which methods are best to use.

Products Recommended for Various Exotics


Please see the specific Bird Page for their recommendations.


Water-based diffusion or Water Misting into the air with the following products: Away, Calm-a-Mile NEAT Diffusion Blend, Clear Sailing, Feathered Blend NEAT, Feathered Plus NEAT, Hormone Blend, Lemony Sniffet Diffusion Blend, Lovely, Open-Air, RoseRamie, Sunshine in a Bottle, Transition, Warmth Diffusion Blend. Away is a wonderful blend to diffuse in the “Ferret room” to help eliminate odors, and Sunshine in a Bottle is a great selection to boost health and help to prevent tumors and other issues common to Ferrets.

Both CritterBoost and KittyBoost can be used for Ferrets, and is used in the same way as it is for cats. Using these blends with Petting Techniques can also be used. Generally 4-6 drops of these blends are applied to a Ferret during one application. Although, more can be used when needed.

Essential oil can also be added into natural shampoo when bathing Ferrets. Away is a perfect blend for this purpose – and adding approximately 1 drop per Tablespoon is average. Away can also be used in a Water Misting spray, and misted onto the Ferret for odor control. 4 drops per 4 ounces of water in a glass spray bottle, is a good starting point.

Drinking Water: Sunshine in a Bottle is an excellent blend for regular addition to Ferret drinking water. The oils within this blend can aid in the prevention of many types of tumors common to Ferrets, including Insulinomas, Adrenal Tumors, Lymphoma, and Prostatic Disease. Please see the directions on adding essential oils to Drinking Water.

Diarrhea can be a common issue in Ferrets, and especially concerning Helicobacter Pylori. G.I. Goe can be helpful, as well as the CritterBoost or KittyBoost. Use these oils in the same manner as recommended for cats.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs:

A lighter touch is often used with these species of animals. With hind-gut fermenters especially, the use of antibacterial essential oils must be used with caution to avoid killing their natural gut flora. When needed, we can often use more aggressive essential oils with these critters, but in general we try mild methods and oils first.

Water-based diffusion or Water Misting into the air is a wonderful recommendation for all exotic homes. All of the animalEO products indicated for diffusion, are appropriate for use. See the page on Diffusion for more instructions. Away, Open-Air, and Sunshine in a Bottle are particular favorites with these animals.

CritterBoost can be used for most conditions, immune support, health maintenance, prevention of contagious disease (for example rabbit shows). Please see that product for more instructions.

For mites, lice, and other parasitic conditions Away can be used as directed.


Chinchillas contain the most hair follicles per square inch of skin, of any land animal. This means that even diffusion of an essential oil into the air, is likely to achieve systemic levels within their body. Chinchillas should have an especially light touch with the use of oils, and water-based diffusion is likely all they may need. Many Chinchillas have enjoyed licking essential oils off of their owner’s hands, and this is fine if they choose to do so. Oils can also be added to their drinking water. Petting can be utilized in more critical situations, however the oils should be applied to your hands neat (without a fatty carrier oil), and completely absorbed into your skin prior to handling the Chinchilla. Carrier oils should not be used on Chinchilla fur.

Sunshine in a Bottle is a perfect blend for addition to drinking water at 1 drop per liter of water.

Any of the animalEO products indicated for diffusion can be used for Chinchilla households – however always use a water-based diffuser, monitor the chinchilla carefully with first time diffusion, and start with just 1-2 drops added to a batch of diffuser water.


For most wildlife types, you can generally imagine them to be similar to what we will recommend for Ferrets.

Rabbits will obviously use the same recommendations as rabbits, Reptiles for reptiles, Rodents for rodents. Raccoons can also be treated very similarly to dogs, cats, or ferrets really. Deer are usually treated similarly to dogs. For birds, the same exact recommendations made for companion birds or chickens apply. The issue with most wildlife – remains if we are able to handle them easily. So for some, figuring out the best ways to apply oils, in the least stressful methods – is our main goal.

*DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not to replace proper medical care and guidance. The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA - and any recommendation is not intended to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease or condition. Please work with your veterinarian with any health concern.