Any-Itis LITE

The lightest version of our supportive blend for inflammation. Powerful support for inflammatory conditions, ideal for very sensitive and small animals.


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Any-Itis LITE was formulated for the many “super tiny” dogs in this world, as well as other smaller animals or those more sensitive to tastes and smells. Any-Itis LITE contains all of the same great oils as Any-Itis NEAT, and Any-Itis RTU with one small variation – Any-Itis LITE contains a mixture of two forms of Copaiba – both the steam distilled and oleoresin. The best of all worlds!

Any-Itis LITE contains far less Peppermint in the ratio of essential oils, making it so much less intense in taste. Further dilution, two versions of Copaiba, and re-adjusted essential oil ratios – make Any-Itis LITE the perfect blend to try for any animal that has shown any sort of aversion to the taste or smell of essential oils. Any-Itis LITE can also be used in place of Dog Breath or Dog Breath LITE when desired or needed.


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Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis), Helichrysum (H. italicum), Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

Instructions for Use

Any-Itis LITE

PrintBirds & Exotics:  Any-Itis LITE can be added to food for easy oral administration. Start with 1-5 drops mixed into a Tablespoon of soft moist foods. Mix well and offer fresh food twice a day.

When indicated, Any-Itis LITE can also be used with Petting Techniques to areas of concern. For example, if a chicken has a sore joint or foot, 1-3 drops of Any-Itis LITE could be massaged into the foot or leg area.

With many birds, fowl, and even other animals – adding Any-Itis LITE to drinking water can be used quite successfully. Please read fully about adding essential oils to Drinking Water HERE. In general – Any-Itis LITE can be dosed at approximately 1-3 drops per 2 pounds (1kg) of body weight – and that dose is given twice a day.

Cats:  As with the other versions of Any-Itis – all of the oils within Any-Itis are contained within KittyBoost. So while Any-Itis “could” be used with cats, we recommend the use of KittyBoost or KittyBoost LITE instead. Cats enjoy this application more, and will still achieve ingestion during grooming.

In some cases, the addition of Any-Itis LITE to foods can be considered when additional help with inflammation is desired and is generally administered at 1-3 drops per 2 pounds (1kg).

For cats who live with dogs, and drink from the same water and eat the same food as the dogs, or are exposed to oils that are not “intended” for cats – please do not worry. None of the oils will be harmful – they just are not often as “cat-friendly” in nature. The fact that a cat would not like their food to taste of peppermint or their hair-coat is more of a consideration. We strive to keep cats as happy as possible – so that means that almost all recommendations will consider their unique personality – more so than any other issue! We want the easiest route of administration, which is still the most effective, for all animals. So if most cats prefer topical KittyBoost applications for inflammatory support – this will be our primary recommendation for you!

Dogs:  Any-Itis LITE is a great addition to our line-up – and designed specifically for dogs who are pickier in nature. My goal is to have things very easy, with details instructions. So Any-Itis LITE hopefully will remedy the situation of dogs not “liking” Any-Itis RTU or Any-Itis NEAT. My preferred method to use Any-Itis LITE for dogs is by adding to food twice a day. For very small dogs – or for those who are particularly sensitive to smells, oils, or flavors – Any-Itis LITE is perfect!

For every 2 pounds of body weight (1kg), 1-3 drops of Any-Itis LITE can be added to foods (we recommend softened and wet foods) and fed twice a day. Start with small amounts, and gradually build-up to the desired amount. Long term use can be utilized when needed – and many dogs have been utilizing this blend twice a day for years. If dosing by every 10 pounds is easier for you – consider approximately 5-15 drops per 10 pounds as average. Remember – on average there are about 20 drops in a mL…and in a teaspoon of liquid – there is 5mL. Therefore – if you are concerned at all about your dog getting “20 drops of fractionated coconut oil added to the food” – I would like you to rest your worries. It takes approximately 100 drops, just to make a teaspoon!

This is a wonderful blend to support dogs with aches in joints, back, or muscles, or with other chronic inflammatory issues – and the ideal route is ingestion. Any-Itis LITE can be used with massage or Petting Techniques over areas of pain or discomfort – however, New Mobility RTU is suggested when topical support of musculoskeletal issues is desired. Just place several drops (3-5 or more is fine) into your hands, rub them together lightly to distribute oils over your hands, and pet over the area of concern. This can be repeated as needed, usually 1-3 times a day, depending on need. When needed, both oral administration and topical administration can be used. Any-Itis LITE is safe to be given with other medications, anti-inflammatories, and joint supplements.

Horses, Livestock, & Larger Animals:  Any-Itis LITE is mainly not recommended for these animals – Any-Itis RTU is recommended if topical use is desired and Any-Itis NEAT is recommended when oral administration is desired. Please see the instructions above.Print


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