Any-Itis NEAT

Any-Itis NEAT is an undiluted combination of some of the most powerful and beneficial essential oils available.


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What is Any-itis NEAT?
Any-Itis NEAT is an undiluted combination of some of the most powerful and beneficial essential oils available. Any-Itis NEAT is the strongest version of Any-Itis.

Who is Any-itis NEAT for?
It is often used for larger dogs, horses, and large animals. The ingredients in Any-Itis, including Copaiba Essential Oil, have been a part of many protocols at the Crow River Animal Hospital veterinary practice to help support achy joints and muscles and to enhance the body’s natural healing process. Combining Copaiba with the amazing oils of Helichrysum and Peppermint – Any-Itis NEAT delivers amazing support for many conditions in animals. The usage of Any-Itis NEAT has supported patients towards avoiding the use of chronic medications.
* For cats, birds, exotics, and smaller animals – we have created RTU (Ready To Use) and LITE blends which are more appropriate to use.
* Although Any-Itis NEAT does not contain Fractionated Coconut Oil, it is not generally recommended for diffusion.

Inflammation as the Enemy
Every dis-ease condition in a body will have inflammation associated with it – so it is greatly important that inflammation is addressed. Whether your dog is a canine athlete, your horse is an aged senior, or your cow has a swollen udder; inflammation is a certain part of the symptoms at hand. Supporting any “-itis” condition your animal may be experiencing – in a whole and complete manner is very important in promoting holistic health. This can include diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, massage, acupuncture, essential oils, and more to complete your animal’s health picture.

It is always important to work with your veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis, and for full health advice. In Dr. Shelton’s veterinary work, she routinely uses Any-Itis for animals who would benefit from support for joint function and movement, are sore due to hunting, competition, or athletic exertion, and so much more!* Any-Itis (NEAT, RTU, & LITE) has been safely used alongside all veterinary medications and protocols – and can be used long-term when needed.

Why is it called Any-Itis NEAT?
NEAT refers to the fact that this blend is created from non-diluted essential oils. So, there is no carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil) within this blend. With this fact in mind, this is a stronger essential oil blend, more appropriate for use with dogs, horses, and most “larger” animals.

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Essential Oils of Copaiba (Copaiba officinalis), Helichrysum (H. italicum), Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

Instructions for Use

Any-Itis NEAT

PrintAny-Itis NEAT is not intended for use with diffusion.  While this blend does not contain Fractionated Coconut Oil, the anti-inflammatory benefits and support intended with this blend, will not be effective via diffusion.  If you are looking for blends to diffuse that address respiratory inflammation – please see our educational page on Diffusion.

Birds & Exotics:  We recommend the use of CritterBoost and/or Any-Itis RTU or LITE for these species.

Cats:  We recommend the use of KittyBoost or KittyBoost LITE for felines.  All of the oils within Any-Itis are within KittyBoost in the proper concentrations for cats.  When they groom – they will get their ideal dosing.  If they are too sore or sick to groom – topical applications as well as inhalation will still be effective for them!

Dogs:  For most dogs Any-Itis NEAT will be used orally – added to meals twice a day.  For topical use, we recommend the use of New Mobility RTU.  Any-Itis NEAT is far too strong for topical applications.  In general, when topical applications are desired – New Mobility RTU should be selected.

  • For smaller dogs (under 35 pounds), the use of Any-Itis RTU or LITE (see below) is often preferred for ingestion. When adding Any-Itis NEAT to foods, keep in mind that some dogs may not be fond of the taste.  For every 50 pounds of body weight, 1-3 drops of Any-Itis NEAT can be added to foods (we recommend softened and wet foods) and fed twice a day.  Start with small amounts, and gradually build up to the desired amount.  Long term use can be utilized when needed.  This is a wonderful blend for dogs with joint and back discomfort or other chronic musculoskeletal issues.  The ideal route is ingestion – and you may find that diluting the Any-Itis NEAT within Fish Oils, Raw Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, or other fatty oils or food mixtures that you add into your dogs’ diet – will help dissipate any intense peppermint taste resulting from a single drop landing in your dogs’ food.

Horses, Livestock, & Larger Animals:

  • Any-Itis NEAT can be used orally by dripping directly into the mouth, or mixed with foods or water.  Most of these animals really like the flavor (Peppermint in nature), and it is not difficult to administer.  For most large animals – approximately 1 drop per 100-200 pounds of body weight twice a day is used.  On average a horse or cow will get 5 drops twice a day and a goat may get 2-3 drops twice a day.  It is always best to start with 1 drop, no matter what size animal you are dealing with, and take a few days to gradually increase the amount.
  • Topical use of Any-Itis NEAT:  As we evolve within Veterinary Aromatic Medicine, we find improvements in all of the ways we do things!  Thankfully – learning never ends.  While we can use Any-Itis NEAT topically for many larger animals – we have actually found that Any-Itis RTU which is within Coconut Oil has a longer action time.  While it may not be as powerful initially – it does seem to hold its beneficial actions longer.  And it is not always necessary to jump to neat (undiluted) applications, just because an animal is very large.  Any-Itis in general is wonderful for many conditions in larger animals; muscle soreness, hoof and joint conditions, almost any uncomfortable condition.  The versions of this blend can be dripped directly onto hooves or massaged onto sites of concern as needed. Often 5 or more drops can be placed into your hands, and after you rub your hands together, massage onto the area of discomfort (sore back, legs, hips, etc…).  Any-Itis NEAT can also be diluted for topical use, in Fractionated Coconut Oil – or the use of Any-Itis RTU is also very effective when used topically – even in larger animals.  When topical applications are desired more routinely, and especially for musculoskeletal concerns – I do prefer to recommend the use of New Mobility RTU for use.


1 review for Any-Itis NEAT

  1. Nathalia Totola (verified owner)

    It is thanks to Melissa and your oils that my dog is still healthy able to walk at almost 14 years old now. In 2018 when Paris was 8 years old she got really sick, her back legs started atrophying. I went to a few different vets and did lots of tests and they couldn’t figure out what was the cause of all this. I even took her to a completely holistic vet that was very expensive and also took her to get acupuncture sessions. Nothing was working… To be honest I never really believed that essential oils could help much but I was pretty desperate trying to find anything that could help her so I started researching about essential oils for dogs and I found this website. So I purchased the Any-itis NEAT and New Mobility RTU and she finally started getting better. She was able to walk again and regain muscle mass and strength. At first I was still a bit skeptical about the essential oils so I did a test and stopped giving her the Any-itis for about a week and she started having trouble getting up. That’s when my family and I were convinced that the oils especially the Any-itis was keeping her healthy and mobile. Fast forward to today, she’s almost 14 years old and living a good life. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for these oils I would have lost Paris back in 2018. I’m extremely thankful to be able to have my pooch with me healthy and happy for all these years (she’s been with me since she was 3 months old when she was rescued).

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