A blend ideal to keep odors and insects AWAY! Great for diffusion, water misting, in laundry, and for insect repelling needs with dogs, horses, cows, and other large animals.



Away was created for many purposes, but all are encompassed in the word “Away”. Bugs go “Away”, smells go “Away”, and stale negative energy can also go “Away”!  Away works wonders in my son’s smelly shoes, eliminates odors in our “dog laundry”, gets rid of SKUNK, freshens the air and deodorizes my “pet home”, and YES bugs don’t like it!

My favorite ways to use Away include:

  • Water-based diffusion
  • Diluted in a water-based mist as an insect spray, air freshener, or deodorant.
  • Topically applied to dogs, horses, and other large animals by petting methods to support insect control.
  • Added into Coconut Oil, natural shampoos, or ointments to encourage gnats and other biting insects to stay Away from noses, ears, horse chests, etc…
  • Add 3-4 drops into your laundry detergent for a great scent and odor elimination.

Away is ideal for dogs, horses, goats, cows, and other larger animals – but can be used with smaller animals with proper dilution and instructions.  Away RTU Drops are a perfect dilution for smaller animals – and is “Ready To Use” right from the bottle.

Away is also wonderful to diffuse (in a water-based diffuser) – and is safe for all species in a home whether it be with cats, birds, and exotics. Please see the information under directions for information on use with your species of interest.



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Essential Oils of Eucalyptus citriodora, Catnip (Nepeta cataria), Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus), Lemon Tea Tree (Leptospermum petersonii), Copaiba Oleoresin (Copaifera officinalis)

Instructions for Use


PrintFor Birds & Exotics:  Diffuse Away in a water-based diffuser starting with approximately 1 drop per 100mL of water in your diffuser.  Away is especially helpful for odor elimination and also for reduction of fruit flies and other insects frequenting an animal area.  Away can be added to shampoos for furred species, used within a water mist on Chickens, Hedgehogs, Rabbits, and other exotics, and even within Fractionated Coconut Oil for a variety of purposes.  Away RTU Drops are a wonderful option for a “Ready To Use” product at the correct concentration for topical applications.  As a water-misting application – between 20-60 drops can be added to a 4oz bottle of clean water (Reverse Osmosis, Distilled, or bottled spring water).  Start with a low amount, shake well before each use, and mist over the area of need.  For animals with fur, you can massage the Away Water Mist into the fur after spraying.

Cats:  Diffusion of Away in a water-based diffuser is also recommended for cat households, starting at approximately 1 drop per 100mL of water in your diffuser. Away is wonderful for eliminating pet odors from the household, and litter box areas. Away can be used in Litteroma for odor elimination, and some cats are more attracted to the litter box due to the Catnip essential oil contained within this blend.  Away is within our Litteroma SmellyCat product – please read more about Litteroma HERE

Although it is safe to mist a cat with a water mist of the Away blend – we find that most cats just don’t appreciate that form of application (being sprayed). We always attempt to make the applications of essential oils as happy and well accepted as possible. You can certainly use your discretion on if your cat would be accepting of a spray, if you find yourself in need of it – but most of the time, we attempt to select other “cat friendly” products and methods instead. The same goes for shampooing your cat.  Away is a great blend to add to shampoo (see more on our Shampoo Page HERE) – however, some cats may not appreciate a bath! I suggest applications of KittyBoost or KittyBoost LITE when topical applications are desired for cats with bug repellency in mind.  Away RTU Drops are a wonderful “Ready To Use” version of Away – that can be used in cat ears for ear mites, or topically when you need it.

In 2015, we performed several clinical trials of using Away with various insect infestations. One study was with 4 kittens, who had ear mites. The kittens ranged in age from 2 months to 4 months of age at the start of the study. We found that a solution of 1 part Away to 10 parts Fractionated Coconut Oil had wonderful effects on the mites, and did not show additional irritation to the ears (keep in mind, most ears that have an ear mite infestation are already quite irritated and inflamed). Our most effective clinical protocol included twice daily applications of the 1:10 Away Solution for the first week, followed by daily applications until the mites were negative via ear smear. We also recommend applications of KittyBoost or KittyBoost LITE to the body of the cat every 1-3 days – as ear mites live over the entire body of a feline. Over several weeks, the kittens were able to eliminate the ear mites.

Dogs:  Diffusion of Away is also wonderful for dog homes, and visitors will wonder if you even share the home with animals! Away is excellent at eliminating odors on the dog, or on dog bedding, couches, etc… Away can be mixed with distilled water, contained within a glass spray bottle, shaken well and sprayed onto areas of concern, even onto the animal.  4 ounce, glass spray bottles, with trigger sprayer – are available to order through animalEO, and have proven to be very hardy, and have lasted for years of use for our home and clients.

For odor elimination on the dog – for example for anal gland odors, skunk spray, or just extreme doggy odor…place between 4-20 drops of Away into 4 ounces (120 mL) of distilled water. Shake the spray bottle before each use, and mist onto the dog directly where the odor is a problem. For skunk sprays, which tends to be in the face, starting with 4-10 drops in 4 ounces of water is advised when you will be misting the face directly. You may spray the face of the dog, as unless your dog has neurologic damage preventing them from blinking normally, the essential oils will not enter the eye, and should not cause irritation to the eyes. For most odor applications, even 4-10 drops added to the bottle is quite effective. Please start with this dilution, and add additional drops as needed.  Keep in mind, that even 60 drops or more have been added to a water mist depending on your needs – and can be considered.

Regular diffusion of Away around your dog, will also permeate their coat, and will provide not only odor eliminating benefits, but will impart small servings of the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils contained within Away, on a regular and sustained basis!

The Away water mist can also be used on dogs as an insect repellent. For insects, a stronger solution of the Away mist may be needed (more drops added to the water) – but it is still best to start with a few drops, make sure your dog tolerates it well, then gradually increase how many drops are in your spray bottle every few days. In most cases, we find we will use approximately 40-60 drops of Away in a 4 ounce glass spray bottle.

Away can also be applied to most dogs topically using the “Petting Technique.” Place 1-3 drops into your hands, rub them together until a light coating remains, then pet onto areas of need. For insect repellent; rubbing down the legs, neck, shoulders, and back are good locations to concentrate on. I especially focus on the “ankle” area of my dogs, since ticks will often contact this area first, as they start to climb up the legs.

For the most part – when I am using Away for insects or smell – I modify the amount I apply and how often I apply it to my needs and results I get.  If a small amount works – GREAT!  Use that.  But if I apply some, and mosquitos still want to attack me or my dog, I’ll apply again or a stronger concentration.  It is just fine to use it as often as I find I need it, and to make it stronger if that is needed as well. (and YES, I definitely use this on myself as well!)

Horses & Large Animals:  These animals can use Away in all of the ways described for dogs, although generally they can use it in higher concentrations and use more of it. For my horses and cow, I will put approximately 10 drops into my hands, and rub them down their legs or wherever bugs are bothering them. For each location, I will repeat placing 10 drops into my hands – so each leg can get 10 drops or more applied sometimes. For gnats and little bugs that bite inside ears, and on chests, adding a “whole bunch” of Away to Raw Coconut Oil (the kind that is solid below room temperature) or to another natural ointment or salve, and using this to coat the inside of the ears or chest area is highly effective. When I say “a whole bunch” – I will often decide how much I add to the Coconut Oil based on how much Coconut Oil I have, and how much Away I have on hand. I know – not very scientific!!! But, truthful! In about 1/4 cup of Coconut Oil I will often add 30 or more drops. When the gnats have been really intense, I may apply the Away neat to the location of attack as well.

Water Misting applications can be used to apply Away to a larger surface area, but I have found for large animals that spraying it within the Fractionated Coconut Oil creates a bit more of a lasting result. Again, I will add “a whole bunch” of the Away to the Fractionated (liquid) Coconut Oil when I am using it as a spray – and this may mean 60 or more drops in a 4 ounce glass spray bottle. The glass spray bottles mentioned above, do a great job of spraying the thin liquid Coconut Oil. When bugs are really bad, I will add more drops into the mixture.

Away Shampoo:  One wonderful way to use Away is to add it to a natural shampoo of your choice. We only recommend bathing animals, in which bathing would be appropriate for them in the first place. Since animals such as a Chinchilla would normally never have a water-based bath – we would not recommend this sort of a bath for these animals. However, although I would not say that I routinely bath rats, when I adopted two rats with lice – they most definitely were the recipients of multiple Away baths! And it helped tremendously!

See our Shampoo Page HERE.

Shampoo Directions:  In a mild, unscented natural shampoo base – add anywhere between a 7-8 drops up to 20-30 drops of Away Essential Oil Blend per tablespoon of shampoo.

We have several favorite shampoos you can use!  Mercola Healthy Pets has an Organic Cat Wash that is mild and unscented – you can find it HERE.

4-Legger also has an Unscented and Hypoallergenic Certified Organic Dog Shampoo with Aloe – that you can find HERE.

When selecting a shampoo – we do recommend that you add your own animalEO Essential Oils to a shampoo that is unscented, and does not already have essential oils added to it when possible.  You can also make your own shampoo recipes – and there are many DIY recipes to be found online for gentle and organic, all-natural animal shampoo recipes.  Many start with a base of Liquid Castile Soap – and we really like Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Pure Castile Soap.



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