Boost in a Bottle

Similar to the AromaBoost – in ONE convenient bottle! Wonderful for travel, uncooperative animals, or for those who need a bit of a milder approach to whole-body support.


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Sometimes you just want easy…

My son is a prime example.  Apparently completing the 5 steps of an AromaBoost to him, feels like an eternity! My dogs, well they are far better trained than my “skin puppies”!  They would sit for hours and have an AromaBoost applied!  However, there are many animals in this world that are not quite so patient.  And, let’s face it – sometimes it is just not convenient to carry around multiple bottles.

This is where Boost in a Bottle and Boost in a Bottle LITE come in. Each formula within the AromaBoost Collections is included in one convenient bottle – along with the additions of Nutmeg and Myrtle to support the Adrenal, Thyroid, and Endocrine System, Tangerine for additional support of tumors, and finally Melissa for its amazing anti-viral support and healing aspects.  Just a little extra “something special” to make the Boost in a Bottle bottles –  a bit more more special!

How is Boost in a Bottle Different?

I have been asked why AromaBoost would be applied in 5 different formulas, and not combined into one bottle as Boost in a Bottle.  It’s not that combining them is “bad” – it is just different.  Take for example a full course meal.  You might have an appetizer, soup, salad, an entree, and dessert.  Each course is special in their own right.  They have a different taste, feel, and enjoyment factor.  But…blend them all together in a smoothie – and well…

Sure, you’ll still get all of the physical benefits of the food. The nutrition and calories are all still present.  But… I’m sure you can imagine the enjoyment of each meal item is a bit diminished.  There is a distinct feel, emotional connection, and body response to each individual formula of the AromaBoost – just as there would be with food.

What we have found in our use of the Boost in a Bottle formulas, is that the onset of action is a bit slower and milder in nature. Still highly effective, but if push comes to shove, I may still select AromaBoost over Boost in a Bottle for those difficult, stubborn, or more serious conditions.  One of my current favorite protocols is to use AromaBoost (LITE or RTU) as a weekly “Sunday Dinner” if you will, then apply Boost in a Bottle as needed in between these weekly AromaBoost applications.

And of course, it is important to just remember that some animals are just not quite as amenable to essential oil applications.  So having one bottle to deal with and one application to perform – is pretty appreciated!

When to use Boost in a Bottle?

The indications for Boost in a Bottle are the same as for AromaBoost.  Pretty much any condition and the need for full body support – would benefit from Boost in a Bottle.  And if you happen to have an animal that seems to need less strong concentrations, now you can also select Boost in a Bottle LITE!

How I typically use Boost in a Bottle is for situations where I want easy and routine support of the immune system, detoxification, or particular conditions.  Healthy dogs who might be attending a training class or visiting the vet’s office – are perfect candidates to get a bit of a “Boost” to help them along.  Adding protection against the “nasties”, recovery and support from vaccination, surgery or other dog life encounters.

In working with rescue animals, I find it easier to travel with and use Boost in a Bottle out of sheer convenience.  A Boost before transport or before entering a shelter situation, can help support a healthy immune system and hopefully reduce transmission of contagious concerns. Many of the oils within Boost in a Bottle may also prove helpful in support of topical fungal infections, insect pests, and other issues that are so common when animals are housed together.

A Boost can give a little “Rainbow Shield of Protection” to your furry friend – but is also supportive of emotional stress.  Oils such as Frankincense and Melissa have long been touted for their support of emotions, and we see overall calming with use of this blend.

If you think AromaBoost would be helpful for your animal friend – then Boost in a Bottle is definitely something to try out!  My dogs personally get AromaBoost sometimes, and then for the “in between” times or if I am just super busy – Boost in a Bottle is used. However, occasionally I note that one of my dogs just feels better when the full AromaBoost is used on him.  He is getting older, and is being supported for a couple of “elder” health issues.  Since we notice that his response to AromaBoost RTU is far stronger, longer, and better than with Boost in a Bottle – we tend to stick with the use of AromaBoost for him.  He still may get a Boost in a Bottle when the rest of the dogs are having it applied, but we make sure he gets his regular AromaBoost applications as well.

Who is Boost in a Bottle or Boost in a Bottle LITE for?

Basically – Boost in a Bottle should be used for dogs and larger animals (horses, cows, goats, etc..).  Boost in a Bottle LITE is intended for those animals in which regular Boost in a Bottle has seemed a bit too strong for.  Both Boost in a Bottle, and Boost in a Bottle LITE should be used with the same directions.  Neither Boost in a Bottle formula is intended for cats and smaller animals – with the exception of some chickens or specifically mentioned animals and situations.  Cats should use KittyBoost or one of the body system support boosts (AdrenoBalanceCardioBoostLiverBoostNeuroBoostSugarBalanceThyroBalance, or UroBoost) as directed.  Critters and other animals should use CritterBoost or the other formulations as directed.

Boost in a Bottle and Boost in a Bottle LITE are Ready To Use – and is already diluted to a strength that most animals tolerate readily.  You can use these right out of the bottle, without any further dilution.

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Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of Peppermint (Mentha piperita), Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis), Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea), Marjoram (Origanum majorana), Basil (Ocimum basilicum), Myrtle (Myrtus communis), Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans), Tangerine (Citrus tangerina), Black Spruce (Picea mariana), Oregano (Oreganum vulgare), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Ginger (Zingiber officinalis), Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), Frankincense (Boswellia carterii), Helichrysum (H. italicum), Melissa (Melissa officinalis), Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), Anise (Pimpinella anisum), Juniper (Juniperus communis), Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus), Blue Cypress (Callitris intratropica), Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)

Instructions for Use

Boost in a Bottle


Boost in a Bottle contains Fractionated Coconut Oil and is not intended for diffusion.

Birds & Exotics:  Boost in a Bottle is not recommended for most birds and small critters.  Please use KittyBoostCritterBoost, or the Body Specific Boost Systems for these animals as directed.  See more recommendations for Birds HERE and for Other Exotics HERE.  For small critters, if CritterBoost has been used without adequate results, then KittyBoost should be tried.  And then moving to Boost in a Bottle LITE only if an even stronger formulation is required.

Chickens:  Chickens, Geese, Turkeys, and other larger “farm” birds can use Boost in a Bottle or Boost in a Bottle LITE.  Other formulas may be “more perfect” for use  – such as KittyBoost – however there may be times when Boost in a Bottle is all that is on hand or the other formulas have not proven effective enough.  In these situations, approximately 2 drops can be placed into your hands and rubbed onto the feet of the chicken or other large bird. Applications are generally every 3-7 days, however daily applications could be indicated.  Frequency of application will depend on the response of the animal, and also to the severity of the situation at hand.  Please make sure to work with your veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and assessment of response.

Cats:  Boost in a Bottle and Boost in a Bottle LITE is not intended for cats.  However, please do not be concerned if your cat contacts the product after application to your dog, or even if they decide to lick your hands!  Although many of our products are not “intended” to be used on cats, this is mainly because cats simply enjoy products made and formulated specifically for them.  For cats we recommend KittyBoost in place of Boost in a Bottle.  Please see the recommendations on the Cats Page for more animalEO products that cats enjoy!

Dogs:  Dogs are perfect candidates for Boost in a Bottle.  Any size dog can use Boost in a Bottle – and as a slightly milder version of AromaBoost – Boost in a Bottle can be an excellent alternative for dogs who are new to essential oils or a bit more sensitive to applications.  For those dogs are are quite small, or if they have shown extra sensitivity to oil applications – then try Boost in a Bottle LITE for these dogs!  Used in the same exact way – it is just a milder version – and wonderful for small or sensitive dogs!  For dogs who are brand new to essential oil use, I would recommend starting with the use of Boost in a Bottle LITE.

With most dogs both Boost in a Bottle formulas can be applied as often as needed, but with the intent that the frequency of application (how often it is applied) is adjusted for the individual animal.  This means, we will usually apply Boost in a Bottle once, then wait and evaluate the animal for a response – as well as for how long the response lasts.  If an animal who is experiencing discomfort in the joints, for example, experiences three days of comfort after a Boost in a Bottle application – then applying every three days is a perfect idea!

For general maintenance and support of health – a monthly application may be all that is needed.  For additional support during “buggy” seasons or during times of additional physical stress (vaccinations, surgery, boarding…) weekly applications may be necessary.  And of course, when indicated, even daily applications can be considered.  I encourage you to work with your veterinarian closely, for situations that are more intense or critical – to help you evaluate your spacing of applications.

Applying Boost in Bottle or Boost in a Bottle LITE is easy!  In general, 3-5 drops are applied to small dogs, around 10 pounds (4.5 kgs) and under.  For dogs who are new to oils, or may be more sensitive – trying Boost in a Bottle LITE during your first few applications can make applications more acceptable to your dog.  To apply – basically just drip the oils up the back and massage in, or you may apply the drops to your hands and then apply them to your dog in a Petting manner.  For larger dogs – you can usually apply more drops.  For dogs between 25-50 pounds applying 5-8 drops is average.  And for dogs over 50 pounds – a range of 6-12 drops can be used.  More drops can be used – especially when using the Boost in a Bottle LITE.

Also for dogs new to essential oils – you may want to start with the lower recommended amounts of drops, or even less than the recommended amounts.  This is a helpful way to ensure you do not create an oil aversion.  You may not see results with lesser amounts, but since we are also wanting to create a “happy” situation with oil use for your dog, and not overwhelm them – the added time to slowly build up concentrations of essential oil use can be worth it.  You should always strive to build up the recommended application amounts however, unless your dog is experiencing perfect results with less.  Many times we hear reports of essential oils “not working” – when the dosage has just really never been effectively reached.  For some dogs, this also might mean that they will need the Boost in a Bottle, instead of Boost in a Bottle LITE.  Or some dogs may truly need AromaBoost in their applications as well!

If you only have Boost in a Bottle on hand – and feel you need to dilute it further for an animal – an example of starting dilutions might look like this…  Add 1 part Boost in a Bottle to 5 parts Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO).  Empty bottles, FCO, and even transfer pipettes are available on our Order Accessories page.  For me – I would generally make a larger batch at this diluted concentration – adding 1mL of Boost in a Bottle to 5mL of FCO.  It is ideal if this solution can sit for 24 hours or more, being rocked to gently mix it several times a day.  This solution would then be used in the same ways as described above.  If an animal responds very well to a diluted version – it would be just fine to continue to use that dilution.  You may even select to apply 2-3 applications at this first dilution rate (even if it seems too weak), when working with a sensitive animal or one who has had a previously overwhelming experience with essential oils.  You likely will not need to dilute Boost in a Bottle LITE further for most animals – but it could always be possible!

When all goes well, and I still desire more response or a stronger solution – for the next scheduled application – I will add another “part” (or mL) of Boost in a Bottle to my already made solution – basically making it a bit stronger.  When I am increasing the strength of concentrations for an animal – I will usually apply every 3-7 days until I am using the blend right “out of the bottle”.  Then, if a monthly application is desired – I will settle into that schedule after working up to the “bottle” version.  Remember that Boost in a Bottle is “Ready To Use” or RTU – and this means that in my clinical experience, it is diluted to the concentration that I found the majority (about 95%) of my patients to respond well to.  This doesn’t mean that there won’t be animals who need a stronger or weaker concentration – it just means that it is the general starting point that I select for most patients, what most patients tolerated well, and the concentration that also seemed to give the most results.  For animals in full health, who just want preventive maintenance, or for small and sensitive animals Boost in a Bottle LITE is a great option to use.  It will still be incredibly effective!

Horses & Large Animals:  Most horses, cows, goats and other large animals should use Boost in a Bottle directly from the bottle, without further dilution.  Boost in a Bottle LITE can be used – however may not be strong enough for larger individuals.  In general 6-12 drops can be spaced along the spine, and then massaged in.  For those animals who might be more sensitive to applications, starting with less drops initially is sound advice.  There are some animals who may need more drops of Boost in a Bottle applied – especially if they are used to the concentration and effects given from an AromaBoost application.  For cases that are a bit more serious in nature – you may find that AromaBoost RTU will be a better selection, or that you need to apply Boost in a Bottle more frequently, and/or with more drops applied.  The real goal in using essential oils with animals is to use them easily, effectively, and safely for the animal – while still getting results.  Sometimes we purely won’t know which formulation or concentration will be most effective until we try it!  

Common scenarios to use Boost in a Bottle would be for routine health and maintenance – as described above for dogs – or to help support the entire body in healing, no matter what the condition.  When traveling (horse shows, etc…) Boost in a Bottle is fabulous to have in the trailer or in your pack on the trail. Being able to address almost every condition an animal can muster – it offers a complete spectrum in one bottle!



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