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Wool Dryer Balls are a great way to avoid nasty chemical fabric softeners, which are unhealthy for you, and especially for animals exposed to them.  Have you ever considered how much a cat grooms itself?  Now what about grooming itself after laying on your bedding?  Bedding that has been dried with ample fabric softeners.  Cats and other animals will not only groom off these chemicals, but absorb them through their hair, skin, and respiratory tracts.  All in all, this makes for a very unhealthy situation.  And over time, these exposures may contribute to chronic issues such as stomatitis in cats, skin allergies and irritations, and further irritation of conditions such as collapsing tracheas.

For use in the dryer:  add as many drops as you like of a NEAT (undiluted, containing no fractionated coconut oil) animalEO essential oil blend to your dryer ball.  And add it into your dryer with your laundry.  Only due to the fact that the Fractionated Coconut Oil is “greasy” and could affect some fabrics or clothing – is why we do not recommend using diluted blends within the clothes dryer.

I typically add about 15 drops onto a dryer ball for an average to large sized dryer load.  Some of my very favorite blends to use in the dryer include Strength, Charming, Away, Bright & Clean – but truly you can use any blend that is not diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil (you will read this as the first ingredient on a bottle if it it present).  Any heat setting can be used, and multiple dryer balls can also be used.

Another cool tip!  If your dog behaves nicely with balls, and does not rip them apart – you can also use a wool dryer ball as a therapeutic dog toy!  Add drops of animalEO essential oil blends that will be beneficial for your dog – and give them the ball!  The balls can sit inside a crate with the dog as well (just make sure your dog is still supervised with any new item first!).  Adding drops of blends such as Calm-a-Mile RTU, Focus, G.I. Goe (this is great for car sickness), Dog Breath or Dog Breath LITE (which now will help their oral health as well!) or any other blend you would like – can now help to expose your dog to animalEO in a fun and happy way.  When using for dogs – you can use blends that do contain Fractionated Coconut Oil.  You could even place a blend like Happy Cat on a wool dryer ball to place inside a kennel with a cat, or allow the cat to play with it if they enjoy a larger ball!


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