Our bulk version of Evict – this Cedarwood based oil blend is wonderful to use for mixing up larger supplies of “bug spray” for large farm animals, and even for applications in garden sprayers to your yard and garden!  A complete product page is coming soon – but in the mean time – visit our page for Evict.  Please note – the 30mL bottle size contains a “dropper” – however the 2oz and 4oz sizes are “pourable”.




So many people ask for alternatives to traditional chemicals when they wish to control flies, fleas, ticks, and other insects – both on animals and in their yard.  EIEIO EO is our bulk form of the Evict blend of essential oils – and has been specifically designed to cater to the creation of farm and yard sprays, or sprays for farm animals where larger volumes of essential oils are needed.  You should fully read the Evict product information page HERE – to gain a better understanding for this wonderful blend!

Is EIEIO EO the same blend as Evict???

Why yes…It IS!!!  Why would I do this you ask?  Well, the answer is easy.  I LOVED the name (submitted by one of our wonderful customers – Thanks Jody!) – and I wanted to be able to provide an affordable bulk version of this blend – specifically indicated for use in the garden, in your yard, on your horses, cows, pigs – you know… on your EIEIO Farm!  A bulk version is far easier to add to a garden sprayer (the 2oz and 4oz bottle of this blend just pour out – no dripper insert provided) or a large bottle of fly spray for your horse – as there is no dripper insert – so you will just pour right from the bottle.  No counting drops.

EIEIO EO comes in three bottle sizes currently.  A 30mL bottle – which will have a dripper insert inside the bottle (and is exactly the same as a 30mL bottle of Evict…just with a different label), a 2oz bottle, and a 4oz bottle.  The more you buy, the bigger the savings as we only have to use one bottle, as well as a bit less “labor hours” in bottling one larger bottle rather than many smaller ones.

You can certainly use EIEIO EO in all of the ways you would use Evict – you will just have to measure it with a pipette to count drops, or use another form of measurement.  However, when I wish to add 2oz of this blend to a full bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil to make fly spray for my horses – trust me – I do not want to try to count the drops.  I want to just dump it into the bottle!

The Oils Within EIEIO EO:

These are described perfectly on the Evict page – so please CLICK HERE for information on each ingredient.

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Essential Oils of Cedarwood (Juniperus mexicana), Catnip (Nepeta cataria), Eucalyptus citriodora, Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Rosemary-Cineole (Rosmarinus officinalis), Oregano (Origanum vulgare)

Instructions for Use



Again, as EIEIO EO is exactly the same blend as Evict – I recommend that you read the Evict product page for more information on diffusion, or use with smaller animals such as cats, dogs, or exotic animals.  Just know that if you only have EIEIO EO on hand – you can use it EXACTLY as you would use Evict for your dog (it just might be harder to use in some situations, when you would like to mix up a recipe using a number of drops, instead of ounces).

For Birds & Exotics:  I recommend using Evict and Evict RTU Drops for these animals.  Please see those pages for more information.

Cats:  Please see the directions for Evict and Evict RTU Drops for your feline friends!

Dogs:  Please read the Evict and Evict RTU Drops product pages for the most complete information.

One of the most common questions I receive regarding EIEIO EO and dogs – is if dogs can use the same formulations and preparations as you would make up for your horse (see below).  The answer is yes, however with this explanation.  For my horses, I make EIEIO EO into a spray that is based within Fractionated Coconut Oil.  While this is perfectly safe for a dog – it can make them excessively greasy.  It is just “less” acceptable that we mist our dogs with a “greasy” product.  So for the most part – I will make a mist for my dogs by adding Evict or EIEIO EO to water – then shaking that bottle well and misting it onto them.  It is true that a blend added to water will evaporate a little bit faster than a blend added into Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) – however, I do find consistently that most of my customers and clients do not wish to have a greasy dog jump up on the couch, nor for their beautiful coat to look greasy and strange.  If you had a dog that mainly is outdoors, or is facing a severe bug issue – then certainly you can try out an EIEIO EO Spray made with FCO.  Just know the more you spray – the more they may become a bit greasy.

I’ll also explain the difference in the use of Evict RTU Drops and the EIEIO EO Spray made with Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Is essence, both of these are the same blend diluted within Coconut Oil.  However, when I use Evict RTU Drops – I am usually dripping this blend into my hands, rubbing them together, and then “Petting” a thin layer onto my dog.  Petting a thin layer of a diluted blend, is far different from spraying them directly with the blend.  If I am outside with my horses, and my dogs are being attacked by flies or other insects – I would still have no problem squirting a bit of my equine intended fly spray onto my hands, getting a very thin coating by rubbing my hands together, then petting it onto my dog.  Completely safe AND effective!  However, when I am out walking with my dogs – I will rarely have my horse spray around.  So in this situation – carrying the Evict RTU Drops with me is a great bug deterrent that easily fits in my pocket (and it works for me too!)

EIEIO EO works GREAT for all types of insects!  Gnats, Flies, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Mites, Fleas…

Horses & Large Animals:  These are the animals that EIEIO EO was designed for!  For my horses, cow, donkeys, pony, and pig (and any other large animal) I prefer to add EIEIO EO to Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) – in up to a 20% concentration – and then mist it onto them.  Our Accessories Sales Page contains the 4oz Glass Trigger Spray Bottles, which work very well for spraying essential oils contained in FCO.  However, when the blend is diluted into Coconut Oil – it is less reactive than essential oils that will float on water.  When a blend is mixed into Coconut Oil, it will continue to stay diluted – and will not separate and float to the top.  Therefore – we do not have to worry “as much” about the essential oil contacting plastics.  As long as you select a “Farm Grade” spray bottle – or one designated for use with “chemicals” – you will be fine making up your farm animal fly spray – within a plastic spray bottle.  HERE is one version of a spray bottle that will work well.  And I have personally used THESE SPRAY BOTTLES for many years, and they work extremely well!  While these links are to our local farm store – you should be able to find comparable spray bottles on Amazon easily.

You can order Fractionated Coconut Oil in bulk in a variety of places – I often suggest buying it by the gallon (or a case of 4 gallons) from Bulk Apothecary.  You can find the link to Fractionated Coconut Oil (also called MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides) HERE.

For convenience, Evict RTU Drops are still perfect for direct from the bottle petting applications or spot care of the inside of ears or other areas affected by insect bites.  Please read both product pages for Evict and Evict RTU Drops for more information on using these blends for larger animals.

My current favorite recipe to use as our Farm Fly Spray (remember, it still works for other insects, we just always call it “Fly Spray” when we are around our horses!) – is 2oz of EIEIO EO placed into 28-30 ounces of Fractionated Coconut Oil.  A bottle of this size easily lasts me a week or more per horse.  I am currently spraying one donkey twice a day – and one bottle is lasting the whole week or more.  We have repeatedly been amazed by the effectiveness of this recipe!  Flies literally fall away as soon as they are sprayed, and they don’t come right back!  This concentration is on the “strong end” of what we mix up.  It will be very effective if you are battling a difficult season of bugs and flies – and so I recommend starting with the stronger solution at first, then use a lesser concentration after your bug issue is being handled.

After I have gotten a good layering effect by using my stronger spray (approximately a 20% concentration) – I can often use a half concentration (unless the bugs are horrible – then just stay STRONG!).  You can gradually decrease how much EIEIO EO you add to your designated spray bottle – and monitor for effects.  If you can get just as much results with 1oz added to 28oz of FCO – then use that!  More power to you!  Use as little as is effective, and as much as is needed.  And – apply as often as required to keep your farm friends happy and fly free!  And remember…if you only have Evict on hand – you can use it exactly as described for EIEIO EO.

You “could” mix EIEIO EO into other spray mediums that you wish.  If you have another DIY spray that you wish to use, adding animalEO oils to it is usually totally appropriate or fine (such as Colloidal Silver, Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, even other carrier oils…).  The main point I want you to recognize is that if you mix EIEIO EO with water for example – it will evaporate off of the animal faster than if it is used within a “fatty” oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil – so the effects will not last as long.

Salves, Ointments, and Other Tips & Tricks:

EIEIO EO can be added to many things.  If you have a recipe for a balm or salve that you love to use – and would like to make it an “insect repelling balm” – then feel free to add EIEIO EO to these recipes!  For my mare Abby – she gets a lot of gnat bites in her ears and on her chest.  If I feel that I need a thicker “protectant” on these areas – I can mix my EIEIO EO into raw (semi-solid) coconut oil, or even coconut oil mixed with beeswax.  Depending on my needs for balm, salves, shampoos, or a variety of items I might want to add oils to – I can vary my concentrations of essential oils that I add.  Often anywhere from 3% to 20% in final concentration can be considered.  It really can be all about trying out a certain concentration – trying it out – and making it stronger if it was not effective enough.  Sometimes we complicate things, and think we need to have the perfect answer the first time.  But we do not.  Sometimes I try something, and say, “Hmmm, that seemed too weak.  I think I’ll try it stronger!”  That is called learning!  And it is a great thing!

Emotional Benefits & Animals who HATE Spray:

Since our introduction of EIEIO EO – I have been inundated with wonderful reports!  It seems that horses that are super sensitive (to both bugs and sprays) LOVE this spray!  Horses that normally snort or try to avoid being sprayed – have started to “request” the spray – and certainly tolerate it far better than other alternatives.  Some reasoning for this is that they are not being assaulted with toxic chemicals…but I think there is a bit more to it.  Essential oils all have emotional benefits associated with them, as well as physical properties.  So a poor horse that is so irritated from insect bites – will actually get physical healing benefits from the oils, as well as the repellent effect.  AND…there will also be a grounding and calming emotional effect as well.  There is just NO chemical option available that actually improves an animals emotional state, while relieving discomfort – at the same time that it repels insects.  Essential oils are just THAT COOL!



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