Calm-a-Mile RTU

A blend created to support balanced behavior and a calm state. Appropriate for use with dogs, cats, horses, livestock, birds, and exotics.

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This blend was created for my own dog Thollie, who was abandoned in the middle of the night in an outdoor dog run in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2008.  Not much was known of her past, but it was fairly obvious that she carried some significant emotional traumas.  She was unable to pass temperament testing in order to go into a rescue situation.  She was incredibly head shy – and would not let anyone touch her around her head or ears.

​Thollie was the inspiration to my creation of Calm-a-Mile RTU, which helped her tremendously with her responses to common activities such as nail trims and veterinary care.

Initially, I had used this blend in an undiluted form for Thollie.  And while it was still helpful, we found even more results when we diluted the blend in Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Fractionated Coconut Oil is used within our products as a carrier oil, as it does not harden like traditional raw coconut oil at cool room temperatures – important when we need to drip the oil from a bottle!  Thollie’s willingness to use any essential oil we wanted, hid the benefits of a more diluted formula from us for a while.  However, we found once she was exposed to the diluted form – she responded even more favorably.  She had shown us fully that sometimes “less is more” – and we have evolved many of our formulas further due to this enlightenment.  The fact is, many animals are overwhelmed by the strength of essential oils, and the ideal dilution ratio – actually creates a LARGER response!

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NEW FORMULA Ingredients:  Fractionated Coconut Oil, German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), Frankincense (Boswellia carterii), Clary Sage (Salvea sclarea), Cabreuva (Myrocarpus fastigiatus), Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata), Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)

Instructions for Use

Calm-a-Mile RTU


This blend is diluted with Coconut Oil and is not intended for diffusion, as carrier oils can harm diffuser machines.  RTU refers to “Ready To Use” – which means that this blend is already at an ideal dilution for use with animals.

Birds:  With birds including chickens, waterfowl, parrots, finches, and other avian species, Calm-a-Mile RTU can be used in several ways.  Often with a pet bird, place 1-2 drops into your hand, rub together, and coat your hand or fingers with a light film.  Allowing the bird to then perch on this surface will transfer small amounts of the essential oil to the bird in a friendly and kind manner.  With the light coating on your hands, you can also rub a perch or other item so that a light transfer of the oil is placed on objects in close contact with your bird.  This can also be done to fabric huts, nesting boxes, humans, or other items that are in your birds environment.

​All animalEO products are safe if ingestion occurs, and although this blend was not created with ingestion specifically in mind, many animals will attempt to lick the blend off of your hands or may encounter situations where it is likely that they ingest the Calm-a-Mile (such as a bird chewing a perch…) and this is just fine.

If your bird responds exceptionally well to Calm-a-Mile RTU, you may wish do diffuse Calm-a-Mile NEAT for them.  Please see its product description for more information.

Exotics and other small animals:  Exotic and other small animals respond wonderfully to Calm-a-Mile, however with the Coconut Oil contained within this RTU (Ready to Use) blend, please be mindful that some exotic species do not do well when they get “greasy” or covered with a fatty oil (such as amphibians or chinchillas).  For these species, or species that are difficult to handle, water-based diffusion of the Calm-a-Mile NEAT may be a better option.

For many exotics, use of Calm-a-Mile RTU with the Petting Technique works wonderfully!  By clicking on the name “Petting Technique” you will be linked to a page discussing this application technique.  1-2 drops is likely all you will need for the majority of exotic animals.

Cats:  Cats are unique in many ways, so although this blend is recommended for cats – there will still be a few individuals who decide they are not fans of it! That is definitely a cats’ prerogative!  The best way to use Calm-a-Mile RTU with cats is to place 1-2 drops into your hands, rub them together and then just hold or pet your cat.  For most cats, they prefer that there be a very light film on your hands, to almost no film at all.  All you have to do is smell your cat after you pet them, to know that even with the oils completely absorbed into your hands – you are still getting quite a bit of essential oil on them. Cats are groomers of course, and while licking themselves, will certainly ingest some of the essential oil that has been “Pet” onto them.  This is completely fine, and often a beneficial way to have cats ingest essential oils for health reasons.

If you would like to expose your cat to Calm-a-Mile in another easy way – I recommend diffusing Calm-a-Mile NEAT in a water-based diffuser.  Diffusion is often under-estimated, and can be a great way to expose your cat to an essential oil that you desire.  Many cats do feel a calmness and soothing effect from Calm-a-Mile.

When a cat is going to be transported in a kennel for a car ride or other stressful event – you can also “Pet” the Calm-a-Mile RTU onto bedding, blankets, or even drip some onto a cotton ball (100% cotton please) – and place it near the cat or into the kennel with your kitty.  Keep in mind that many cats respond to the KittyBoost or KittyBoost LITE with a calming effect as well, and most cats really enjoy the application!  So if your cat is not a huge fan of Calm-a-Mile, make sure to try KittyBoost!

Dogs:  Dogs do very well with Calm-a-Mile RTU – and although you should always start out with small amounts of oil, you may find that your dog “desires” additional applications as well as may want to lick it right up out of your hand.  2-10 drops is generally used at each application site, and many dogs will have several locations massaged or applied to.  This blend works very well as a massage oil, and for massage therapists, it is likely to become one of their favorite items to use.  Just coat your hands lightly, and perform massage or reflexology as usual.  You will find a greatly enhanced effect to any body work – Chiropractic, massage, reflexology, acupressure, and even petting over acupuncture sites prior to “needling” is greatly effective.  We have also found that Calm-a-Mile RTU is greatly calming to skin irritations, insect bites, muscle strains, and more!  I generally dip my finger into a bit of the blend, and then dab it onto the area in question.  This amazing blend certainly has more benefits to show us, and we are amazed every day with some of our “accidental discoveries”!

Situations where dogs especially benefit from Calm-a-Mile RTU is prior to any stressful event (nail trims, veterinary visits, car rides…), to enhance training and obedience skills, prior to therapy dog work (the humans benefit from it too!), prior to competitions, or for any situation where a calm and balanced attitude is desired. Calm-a-Mile is also the ideal blend for newly adopted dogs, puppies leaving their moms, foster dogs, introduction to new dogs (pet onto all dogs), crate training, and anxiety issues.  As an alternative, Calm-a-Mile NEAT can also be diffused for dogs.

Horses & Large Animals:  The same instructions that are listed for Dogs, also applies to goats, horses, cows, and all other “larger” animals.  These animals also benefit from Petting, Massage, and use of the blend prior to any body work or training.  Some may also want to lick this blend from your hand, or lick your hand after you have applied the oil to them. Similar amounts (5-10 drops) per site of application are commonly used for these animals.  Prior to training, trailer rides, or other stressful events the use of Calm-a-Mile RTU is very beneficial.  Many horse owners will “pet” the muzzle area of their horse or chest area so that the blend is easily inhaled.  As long as your horse is accepting of petting onto the muzzle area, you can use this blend in that location.  But I am always careful to not apply an essential oil to a location that might be continually offensive to an animal (such as their nose).

Prior to any colic protocols for horses, or any other animal, the use of Calm-a-Mile RTU is an excellent idea.  Calming the emotions as well as the gut, will always aid in pain control and gastrointestinal function.  Applying approximately 10 drops to the abdomen and chest area, sometimes several times, is very helpful – and also calming to the human!Print


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