Flee Bomb Diffusion Blend

A healthier alternative to chemical insect sprays and “bombs”.


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Have Arachnids Invaded Your Space? Is La Cucaracha Your Theme Song? Are Fleas Making You Hopping Mad?

But You Are Determined NOT to Use Toxic Chemicals!

Then Flee Bomb Diffusion Blend might be for you!  There are many essential oils that have been noted to deter insects, and even some evidence is being found that essential oil components can degrade larval exoskeletans and the chitinous materials of their eggs, larva, and potentially their pupae.  Catnip essential oil has been noted as being as effective as DEET in actions, Clove essential oil has been found to have insecticidal promise…and when we combine these properties with the fact that high quality essential oils – when used properly – are non-toxic and actually support good health – we can have a win-win situation!

It Only Makes Sense

Plants have to avoid infestation with insects – just as we desire to. So, their essential oils provide properties that can help us to avoid being over-run with insects. Asian Beetles and Box Elder Bugs tend to dislike Rosemary essential oil. Flies often dislike Oregano. Ants and other insects are not fond of Peppermint or Catnip. Flee Bomb Diffusion Blend places all of the major players together in “anti-bug” formation. From creating an environment that bugs dislike, to the potential of actually degrading the insect itself – essential oils show great promise in this area, as is evident from the nearly one thousand research articles regarding insects and essential oils available on

BUT!!!  Make Sure To READ THIS!

This blend is so powerful, that it is recommended that humans, animals, and fish tanks be removed from the rooms (and possibly the home) while administering a “bomb” treatment.  If the area to be treated can be confined, some people have been successful in treating one room at a time, moving their diffuser from room to room, and evacuating to a distant part of the home.  If you have fragile animals, it is likely best to have them leave the home completely.  Diffusion with an AIR STYLE DIFFUSER (also called an atomizing diffuser) is mandatory for this application – which is not the typical style of diffuser that I would usually recommend.  Diffuser World carries the Aroma-Ace Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser – which is often the model we will use for this purpose.

AromaReady Products also has the Advanced Essential Oil Diffuser LISTED HERE.

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Essential Oils of Black Pepper (Piper nigrum), Oregano (Origanum vulgare), Peppermint (Mentha piperita), Orange (Citrus sinensis), Rosemary Cineole Chemotype (Rosmarinus officinalis), Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus), Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata), Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

Instructions for Use

Flee Bomb Diffusion Blend


Once Your Animals Are Away From the Treatment Area…

  • Attach a bottle of Flee Bomb Diffusion Blend to your Atomizing Diffuser, or fill another air style diffuser.
  • Set the diffuser settings to full strength, and non-stop diffusion
  • Diffuse for at least 2 to 4 hours.
  • The more severe the insect problem, especially fleas, the more you should desire to penetrate the room with the essential oil blend.
  • Moving furniture and bedding, washing items that can be washed, and vacuuming thoroughly is important.  The entire home must be treated to be the most effective.

How Often Will You Have To Do This?

This question is harder to answer.  Of course it can depend on how large your room is, how much total essential oil you diffuse, how bad your insect problem is, and how much furniture, fabric, “stuff”, or carpet is in your area to absorb essential oils.  Initially, you may need to diffuse a few times to saturate a room fully and start seeing effects.  But in general, if I were to recommend a starting point for you – you might strive for weekly diffusion if you are having a severe issue.  If you are only seeing a few more spiders in your basement than you would like – you might find that a single diffusion session will send those eight legs to scurrying.

After You Diffuse…

After you finish diffusion in a treatment area, it is a good idea to let the room “sit” for a little while.  You will generally be able to tell when the strength and scent is no longer offensive or too strong for you.  Since your animals are far more sensitive to the smell of oils than you, I suggest allowing approximately 8 hours to pass before introducing more delicate animals into the room – such as exotics or birds.  If your dog or cat selects to enter the room – this is usually a good indicator that the room is not too offensive in oil concentration, and you can allow them entry.

Non-Bomb Methods of Use:

Mostly when you desire the use of an essential oil blend for anti-bug actions – I would recommend using Away Essential Oil Blend.  Away can be diffused around animals (in a water based diffuser), can be added to shampoo, added to cleaners, spritzed onto dogs and dog beds, and so much more.  CLICK HERE to read a past newsletter about Away.

However, often times we may have extra of one blend around…  You could mix Flee Bomb Diffusion Blend into the Cleaner Cleaner Recipe as a help to deter “counter critters” such as ants from invading your kitchen.  You may find you would like more or less Flee Bomb Diffusion Blend added to your cleaner, but starting with approximately 30 drops per 32 ounces of cleaner is recommended.


Flee Bomb Diffusion Blend can also be made into a Water Mist that can be sprayed in areas that bugs are a problem.  We have misted it into cracks behind the kitchen counter, onto hidden wooden nooks and crannies where bugs hide, and have also sprayed it onto various plants, fruits, and vegetables with insect problems.  Depending on your need, you could start with 4-20 drops in 4 ounces of distilled water.  Shake well, and then mist near your area of concern.  Due to the potency of this blend, I do NOT recommend spraying it onto animals, adding it to shampoos, or generally misting it into the air where a great deal of inhalation will occur.  The blend in itself is not “harmful” – it is just quite powerful, with many essential oils that would not typically be selected for use “on” an animal itself.  I suggest that you use each blend to its full potential – in the ways it is intended to be used – and never try to make every blend, fit every need!



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