Calm-a-Mile NEAT

An undiluted version of Calm-a-Mile created specifically for diffusion.  This blend is not only calming, it contains anti-inflammatory and liver supporting properties.


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Calm-a-Mile NEAT is a wonderful blend created specifically for water-based diffusion.

This blend is NOW AVAILABLE in the new formulation!!!  This change is due to the ingredient Blue Cypress being no longer available.

Only available in samples and 15mL sizes until 5mL labels undergo a reprinting.  New formula is now available for wholesale purchasing.

Besides Calming…

Did you know that the oils within Calm-a-Mile NEAT have other attributes besides calming, anxiety relief, balancing emotions and grounding?  That’s right – many ingredients are well known for anti-inflammatory actions.  Beside smelling great, this blend may also contribute to the reduction of inflammation (especially within the respiratory tract), liver support, hormonal balance, blood pressure balance, emotional balance and support, and so much more.  Calm-a-Mile NEAT is quick to be on my list of diffusion blends I would love for patients to rotate through use of.  If the patient is experiencing respiratory issues, collapsing trachea, laryngeal paralysis, inflammation of the upper respiratory system, liver issues, as well as a plethora of emotional or hormonal conditions – one of my go-to blends for diffusion will include Calm-a-Mile NEAT.

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NEW FORMULA:  Ingredients:  Essential oils of German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), Frankincense (Boswellia carterii), Clary Sage (Salvea sclarea), Cabreuva (Myrocarpus fastigiatus), Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata), Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)

Instructions for Use

Calm-a-Mile NEAT


Calm-a-Mile NEAT Diffusion Blend is safe for water-based diffusion in every home, and for every species.  We do not suggest to use Calm-a-Mile NEAT for tenting purposes, but it is safe and perfectly fine to diffuse in a small room or bedroom.  In general, we recommend adding between 1-3 drops per 100mL of water added to a diffuser.

Birds & Exotics:  Calm-a-Mile NEAT can be used in a water-based diffuser with no limitations on time frame for these animals.  However we see the most benefits for animals who experienced rotational diffusion in their home (diffusing Calm-a-Mile NEAT in one diffuser or for one batch of diffusion, then changing to a different animalEO diffusion blend).

Cats:  Calm-a-Mile NEAT is excellent for water-based diffusion for feline homes.  This blend can help to calm multiple cat situations, ease introductions, and support health and immune function.  I will often recommend Calm-a-Mile NEAT within the diffusion rotation for cats experiencing health issues and poor eating.

Dogs:  Calm-a-Mile NEAT is also excellent for water-based diffusion in canine homes for calming, emotional and hormonal balance, and for support of health and immune function.

Horses & Large Animals:  If you are in a situation where you can diffuse for your large animal – Calm-a-Mile NEAT is an excellent choice.  But for most of these species, it can be difficult to diffuse.  You can use a water-mist or you can move towards using Calm-a-Mile RTU topically for these animals.


Calm-a-Mile NEAT can also be added to distilled, reverse osmosis, or bottled spring water for use within a water spray.  Colloidal Silver is also a great carrier “water” for many essential oil sprays and water mists.  In this situation, we are not recommending water-misting onto an animal.  For use on an animal – we would still recommend to use Calm-a-Mile RTU for applications.  Calm-a-Mile NEAT within a water-mist will be marvelous to use onto dog bedding, dog beds, inside your car interior, when a diffuser is not available (misting into the air in general), and also onto items like toys or ThunderShirts.  The concentration (how many drops you add to a certain amount of water) – can really be up to you.  As this blend is quite an intense blue color – just make sure that whatever you spray is okay with not only the water being misted onto it, but with the slight blue color that may remain.

In general – I would say I might add between 10-20 drops of Calm-a-Mile NEAT to a 4oz bottle of water.  However, this is certainly a bit strong in its own right.  Please do start with a couple drops, and you can always add more.  Shake the bottle before each spritz use – and if it is not strong enough for your purposes, just add some more drops.  Easy as pie!

Can you make Calm-a-Mile NEAT into the RTU???

While we certainly understand the desire at times to dilute your own NEAT formula into a topical product – we do not divulge the exact concentration of the RTU blend.  This is what we term “proprietary information”…  But more importantly – we made the decision to not encourage people to dilute their own blends.  Through speaking to thousands of people over the years, one thing I have definitely noted was an inconsistency in the ability to dilute oils properly – or to understand directions fully.  As this could end up as more of a safety issue for pets – especially with a strong blend like Calm-a-Mile NEAT – I prefer to take the guess work out of the dilution process.  If you would like Calm-a-Mile for topical use – please do purchase the RTU version.  It is really for the best of all animals!



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