NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend

Diffusion is a powerful way to expose animals to the benefits of essential oils. NeuroBalance is a combination of the essential oils that Dr. Shelton saw most beneficial to animals experiencing neurologic based symptoms due to trauma, injury, inflammation, infection or with conditions such as Seizures or Vestibular Disease.


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The Brain is an Interesting Thing…

Quite possibly, we will never truly know the full inner workings of the brain and nervous system.  In veterinary medicine, although there are a few “rules” that always seem to apply – the nervous system will make sure to provide us with cases that seem to make no sense.  Sure, the nerves still don’t function in a predictable manner, so we are able to localize a lesion to the brain or “in front of” or “behind” the symptom of question.  But, short of physical changes affecting the nerves, it can be difficult to accurately diagnose the exact cause of a neurologic issue at times.

These mystery situations seem to mirror themselves in the world of treatments, including essential oils.  One treatment that may seem to really help one animal who may be experiencing seizures, may indeed be the same thing that seems to promote seizures in another animal.

This may leave us to a situation of “just try it”…to see if something is of benefit or not.  NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend is often helpful to most animals, however, there are those few who have “imperfect results” from essential oil use.  For example, we may see that with essential oils – diffusion may create different results from topical applications – and visa versa.  Although in general, diffusion is a wonderful way to have a low and more continuous easy exposure to beneficial essential oils, there are those animals that seem to do better with topical applications alone.  Then, there are animals who thrive on having exposure to both methods.  We may also see situations that are a bit perplexing.  Such as a dog who may have shorter and less intense seizures while using essential oils, but may actually (in terms of numbers) have more seizures.  This is just the oddity of the brain and nervous system.  And, medically, we decide which is better for the animal.  A greater number of shorter, less intense seizures…or more severe seizures less often.  My vote is usually in support of shorter, less intense seizures – even if they are occurring a bit more often.  Naturally, not all animals will respond in this way, and a great majority of animals show marked improvement.

What is NeuroBalance?

NeuroBalance is the combination of the “extra” essential oils that are added to KittyBoost to create the topical product of NeuroBoost.  NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend is only intended for Diffusion – and should not be applied topically.  Read more about Water-Based Diffusion HERE.

The essential oils within NeuroBalance are a combination of the oils we saw benefit the neurologic system the most.  Diffusion is a powerful and easy method to have a more continuous exposure and absorption of essential oils – and whenever possible – I try to have it be part of a regimen for any animal experiencing neurologic issues of any sort.

NeuroBalance is safe to diffuse for all animals, and even those without neurologic issues in a household, can safely benefit from the diffusion.

What Neurologic Conditions are Supported with NeuroBalance?

Clinically, there are many different reasons a neurologic issue may be present.  With Spondylosis, Wobblers, or various other vertebral defects – the body may have a physical aspect – such as calcium or bone deposition, or even a tumor – pushing on the nerves creating the symptoms.  This can be a far different scenario than strictly a “lesion” on a nerve.  The immune system can attack nerves, there can be genetic or dietary predispositions to seizures, Epilepsy, trauma caused by an injury, viral or bacterial infections, idiopathic causes (meaning we have absolutely no idea what is wrong), and so many other reasons for neurologic symptoms.

In my veterinary experience, almost any neurologic condition can benefit from diffusion of essential oils.  Cats with seizures, head tilts, vestibular disease, head trauma and more are definitely great candidates.  However, it is fairly common to see Cerebellar Hypoplasia (an under-developed brain portion) in response to a Parvo Virus (feline distemper) infection in the mother cat during pregnancy.  These kittens shake with “intention tremors” and often walk a bit “kitty-wampus”, wobbling, or falling over.  These kittens are just fine really, and have no real handicap.  Essential oils do not help this condition much, because there is truly a lack of the brain region that is responsible for their coordination.  This will not return, however if inflammation or other issues are present – then essential oils can help to support the resolution of those signs.  But, it is good to know what is realistic to expect or not.  With cats – I would often use NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend along with NeuroBoost topical applications.

Birds and other exotic animals can also experience a wide range of neurologic symptoms and conditions.  Almost every animal can suffer from seizures, in rabbits we can see head tilts secondary to bacterial infections, birds can suffer neurologic symptoms from PDD (Proventricular Dilatation Disease which may be connected with Bornavirus), and some birds even can display “toe tapping” and other behaviors believed to be neurologically connected.  Water-Based Diffusion is one of the best ways for exotic animals of all sorts to be exposed safely to essential oils.  Again, response to essential oil use in these situations, greatly depends on the cause of the neurologic symptoms – so working with a veterinarian to obtain an accurate diagnosis is very important.  There have been many people who have confused Metabolic Bone Disease in reptiles as a neurologic concern – when it truly is not.  Many of these animals can use both NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend as well as NeuroBoost.  Please see the NeuroBoost page for additional information.

Dogs can also suffer from a wide range of neurologic conditions.  Seizures (from a large variety of causes) and Vestibular Disease are likely the most common conditions we encounter – but really almost any neurologic condition can experience a benefit through essential oil use – even with basic diffusion alone.  Conditions such as weakness of the hind end due to Spondylosis (boney deposition and arthritic changes in the spine) – are unlikely to change with diffusion as they are more of a physical ailment – and are particularly influenced by the actual impingement of the nerve.  In these cases, diffusion is less likely to be seen as much of a benefit, and topical applications should be considered.  Although it is never “wrong” to also diffusion NeuroBalance for a physical neurologic case, it is just unrealistic to expect huge results through this application.  Working with a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis is again important.

Horses and other larger animals can be difficult to diffuse for – but not impossible.  However, we will typically rely on topical applications of essential oils such as NeuroBoost either alone or with AromaBoost.  

How fast should I see results?

Neurologic issues are among the slowest healing (nerves heal VERY slowly) – so it is important to recognize that we may be waiting a few months on a new regimen before we see changes.  Most often – we do see results faster, but I never give up until I have tried something for at least 3 months – especially for more chronic conditions.  If a dog has experienced seizures for 5 years, I will generally consider myself to have 5 months of really hard work and “body building” to start to influence the body towards a healing state instead of a state of symptoms.  This will also include diet evaluation and changes, whole food supplements, and more – as described in the Foundation of Health.

Sometimes acceptable results to me also include the absence of “decline”.  So if typically one of my patients required an increase in medications every few months, the fact that I can hold them at a steady dosage is a win in my book.  This is also the case for symptoms.  If an animal who was typically getting worse and worse – might now be holding steady is a huge victory.

What if my animal is on medications?

We have used NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend with animals on all sorts of different treatments – from potent anti-seizure medications to herbal preparations.  We have never encountered a detrimental interaction through the proper use of essential oils in these patients, however it is important for your veterinarian to recognize that as natural support is given, less of a particular drug may be needed for an individual animal.  For animals who are supported clinically with traditional medications, I would say it is rare for them to completely “get off” of medications.  However, it is common that symptom severity improves, and less medication will be necessary.  If animals continue to get too much medication when it is no longer needed – then we can see side effects related to the over-dosing of the medication.


Essential Oils of Helichrysum (H. italicum), Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Frankincense (Boswellia carterii), Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea), Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis), Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis), Melissa (Melissa officinalis), Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides), Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans), Black Pepper (Piper nigrum), Black Spruce (Picea mariana), Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata), Vitex (Vitex agnus castus), Marjoram (Origanum majorana), Juniper (Juniperus communis), Laurus nobilis, Valerian (Valerian officinalis), German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), Blue Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), Clary Sage (Salvea sclarea), Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi)

Instructions for Use

NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend


NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend is intended for Water-Based Diffusion.  It has been diffused in homes with reptiles, fish, birds, small exotics, cats, dogs, etc…  Every species of animal “can be” exposed to NeuroBalance – even those who are not experiencing neurologic problems.  Please see our page on Diffusion HERE to have a better understanding of the types of diffusion and ways to monitor your animals.

Birds & Exotics:  Diffusion of NeuroBalance for any small critter experiencing neurologic signs is perfect, especially as many cannot be easily handled.  Often times, starting with the diffuser in the same room with the small animal (5-6 feet or more away from the critter) is a great plan.  The first time we diffuse, we often start with 1 drop in a diffuser batch (in 1 cup of water), and generally plan to be with the animal for the first diffusion episode.  Diffusing for 20 minutes a day the first few days is a good plan, then we gradually increase the length of time we diffuse for and how often we diffuse – based on the animals responses.  There are many homes that end up diffusing 8-12 hours per day, and even up to 24 hours a day for a few homes.

Cats & Dogs:  We often start in the same ways as described for Birds & Exotics for diffusion of NeuroBalance.  There are very few situations where diffusion within a small room or by tenting would be required for a neurologic condition.  Diffusion in the home or even in the same room with the animal is likely beneficial enough.  It is commonly recommended to “always allow an animal to leave a room” when you are introducing diffusion, however this is not always practical or completely necessary.  As with caged birds and other exotics – they can simply not leave the room – however we still diffuse for them.  Although to me, it is an interesting bit of information when an animal either selects to be near a diffuser or to move away from it – it does not always dictate if I stop exposing the animal to the essential oil.  Most often I will continue diffusion, but usually try less drops added to the diffuser for a while – when an animal desires to be away from the diffusion.  For most dogs and cats – I will also use NeuroBoost alongside of NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend.

Horses & Large Animals:  These animals can be difficult to diffuse for.  Although it “can be” done (see the Open-Air page for more advise on how this can be accomplished) – I will generally rely on topical applications of NeuroBoost either alone or with AromaBoost.


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