Gingerbread Doghouse

Yum, yum, yum! This blend is safe for all animals in your household! A blend with ginger, clove, nutmeg, cassia, and all of the “fall spice” and warm winter smells your heart can desire! Ditch the toxic air fresheners and candles – make your house a Gingerbread Doghouse!


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Gingerbread Doghouse joined animalEO’s product line in November 2018, with rave reviews!  Created for a wonderful spicey “gingerbread-pumpkin spice” sort of desire in fragrance – Gingerbread Doghouse certainly does not hold back in therapeutic properties!  This blend is wonderful if you just want amazing, animal-safe smells in your home – or if you have other health concerns to support!

Safe for all animal species in the home – Gingerbread Doghouse is intended for diffusion using water-based diffusion.  This blend has quite wonderful ability to retain and carry it’s scent – you may not need as much in your diffuser as with other blends.  Approximately a drop per 100mL of water in your diffuser is a good starting point!

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Essential oils of Ginger (Zingiber officinalis), Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata), Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans), Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia), Cabreuva (Myrocarpus fastigiatus), Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis), Frankincense (Boswellia carterii), Helichrysum (H. italicum), Wild Orange ​(Citrus sinensis)

Additional Information

With Veterinary Grade Essential Oils – you are not only getting great fragrance – you get therapeutic properties!  Physical and emotional properties of the oils (or their constituents) within this blend, often have amazing research to support what we’ve clinically witnessed, or what the Aromatherapy World at large has reported for many decades.  Essential oils DO COOL THINGS!  But, they also smell great!  And this blend is a perfect example of how we can replace toxic “Pumpkin Spice” candles, plug-ins, and sprays in our home – with something that smells better and provides an actual HEALTH BENEFIT!  Yay team!

Ginger:  Well regarded for its gastrointestinal benefits (both as an herb and an essential oil).  Ginger is reported to ease nausea, aid in digestion, create warming effects and increase circulation, is anti-inflammatory, and so much more!  Ginger is often under-valued for its wonderful help to the respiratory system – and while diffusion can still affect the digestive system, you’ll find a new found love for Ginger for all sorts of respiratory concerns!

Clove:  There are so many reasons why I include Clove within respiratory diffusion blends.  Not only is it quite antiseptic and anti-oxidant in nature, but it can provide topical analgesic effects.  So when you breathe in Clove essential oil, and it contacts the irritated mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and can create a soothing reduction of inflammation!  As well as contribute to the “Therapeutic Mucus” theory (you’ll want to search our Facebook Group animalEO for more profound dissertations on Therapeutic Mucus!)

Nutmeg:  Provides its gorgeous scent profile, however is often indicated for adrenal support – which can be a great thing for any animal experiencing any sort of chronic stress, illness, or anxieties.  Beyond adrenal support, you’ll find reports for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, liver protection, gastrointestinal support, healing, and protection, muscle relaxation and more!  Certainly wonderful to have in a diffusion blend!

Cassia:  This oil is often used in the fragrance and flavor industry – and imparts a wonderful sweet cinnamon smell.  When selected for proper therapeutic use, it is of course a powerhouse for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral support.

Cabreuva:  Newer to our line-up of essential oils, we’ve been evaluating this oil further in our veterinary clinic for quite some time.  It contains high levels of Nerolidol which is being shown in research to enhance the absorption of other beneficial essential oils and constituents.  As a mild and very animal appropriate oil, addition of this oil into a diffusion blend, may enhance deeper penetration of the therapeutic properties we desire in all of the other parts of the blend!

Copaiba:  If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll know that I feel Copaiba is worthy of being in almost everything!  With huge safety margins, and a long term use record – Copaiba is also incredibly mild in taste and odor.  It is as close to an ideal animal essential oil as it comes!  There is likely not enough words for this short paragraph to wrap up all that Copaiba can do, and all that research is continuing to reveal!  So go to the Copaiba Page HERE – and read more about this anti-inflammatory, gut-protecting, AMAZING essential oil!

Frankincense:  There may not be a more popular oil within the aromatherapy community – but within Veterinary Aromatic Medicine – it is definitely worthy of some attention.  Anyone who speaks of cancer, is likely to hear the word Frankincense close behind it.  However, we should not ignore all of the other wonderful supportive benefits Frankincense can impart, nor should we ignore other cancer fighting essential oils for just Frankincense alone.  For me the immune supportive and potential anti-cancer benefits are a great reason for Frankincense to be within diffusion blends regularly.

Helichrysum:  Such a miraculous and healing oil, I am always amazed at how few research studies there are for Helichrysum.  This lack is likely due more to the difficultly in obtaining it, as well as its expensive price tag.  Helichrysum contains SO MANY essential oil constituents, it is likely hard for any researcher to focus on just one – and we all know how much they like to try to discover a “silver bullet” – which just doesn’t exist.  The whole of the plant, is stronger than any one part.  You just can’t dissect Helichrysum, and expect the same results from the components, which is the only goal of big pharma – to extract a substance they can market.  But…I digress.  Helichrysum is amazing – and its properties profound.  Often indicated for healing, reduction of scar tissue, support of bleeding, bruising, and normal clot function and resolution…  Helichrysum is a wonderful oil to be exposed to on a regular basis – and why not within a blend that smells divine!?

Wild Orange:  High in Limonene (as well as many other essential oil constituents) – Wild Orange is a WONDERFUL smelling way to have more exposure to the benefits of Limonene.  Limonene is one of the most researched essential oil components – for anti-cancer, anti-bug, anti-microbial properties and so much more.  But again, Limonene alone becomes a chemical, a drug.  It should not be used without its smaller contributing elements of the whole essential oil.  All research showing that “cats can’t have citrus oils” – comes from massive mis-use of Limonene alone.  Not within a proper essential oil, and certainly NOT at doses that are reasonable for Veterinary Aromatic Medicine.  Do not judge a citrus oil on its over-dosage reputation alone – Wild Orange is a gorgeous oil for all animal species!

Instructions for Use

Gingerbread Doghouse


Diffuse this blend within a water-based diffuser as desired.  At this time, we do not recommend “tenting” an animal with this blend.  Gingerbread Doghouse is safe for all species within a home – as long as safe and recommended diffusion guidelines are followed – see HERE for more on diffusion.

This blend has an intense fragrance profile – meaning you may not need a whole lot in your diffuser to appreciate it!  I would recommend that you start out diffusing less than you normally do, until you figure out your ideal amount you prefer.  Try out 1 drop at first, and add more if you find you would like it stronger.  I found that in my 300mL water-based diffuser – 3 drops was plenty strong, and actually I could add more water to the diffuser and STILL smell it quite intensely (however you are also fine if you like it really strong, add more drops)!  A great value and a wonderful replacement for those super powerful, toxic, and stanky air freshener things on the market!

Emotionally – this blend is still a powerhouse!  By supporting the adrenal glands and endocrine system – many animals that experience any sort of emotional or physical stress will benefit!  Many of the oils within impart a warming emotional tone, with a good base of grounding.  A warm hug within a diffusion mist!

Water Misting:

If you do not have an essential oil diffuser – you can still add Gingerbread Doghouse to distilled, reverse osmosis, or bottled spring water for use within a water spray.  Colloidal Silver is also a great carrier “water” for many essential oil sprays and water mists.  In this situation, we are not recommending water-misting onto an animal.  Gingerbread Doghouse within a water-mist can be used on dog bedding, dog beds, inside your car interior, when a diffuser is not available (misting into the air in general), and also onto items you just want to smell great!  The concentration (how many drops you add to a certain amount of water) – can really be up to you.  Just make sure that whatever you spray is okay with not only the water being misted onto it, but any residual color the essential oils may still carry.  Make sure you test the spray out on your own bedding or pillow before insisting your dog lays on a bed or is in a crate with bedding sprayed with Gingerbread Doghouse.  It is one thing for the house to smell great, and another to be forced to sleep with your head on a pillow loaded with a fragrance that may be overwhelming!  I love essential oils – but I do not always want an intense smell on my sleeping pillow!

In general – I might add between 10-20 drops of Gingerbread Doghouse to a 4oz bottle of water.  However, this is certainly a bit strong in its own right.  Please do start with a couple drops, and you can always add more.  Shake the bottle before each spritz use – and if it is not strong enough for your purposes, just add some more drops.  Easy as pie!

Can you apply Gingerbread Doghouse topically?

At this time, we do not recommend it.  While there are reasons you may want to provide topical exposure to the oils within the blend to your animal – there are other blends which are formulated for appropriate topical applications.  We always recommend that you honor the original intention of our blends, so that they can do their job in the most ideal ways!  If you want topical adrenal support – then use AdrenoBalance.  If you want GI support – use G.I. Goe.  If you have a cat – use KittyBoost, or any of the body system boosts such as AdrenoBalance, ThyroBalance, NeuroBoost, UroBoost, CardioBoost, LiverBoost, or SugarBalance.  Certainly DIFFUSE Gingerbread Doghouse for anyone in the home you would like these properties for – or for just a fabulous scent – but please do not re-create the wheel!


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  1. Destiny White (verified owner)

    i love this! such a “fall/winter” type blend that is safe for our furbabies!

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