Veterinary grade essential oils, formulated with all animal species in mind.

animalEO Essential Oils are formulated by veterinarian Melissa Shelton DVM, to provide safe and proper use of essential oils for all of the animal kingdom.
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Providing high quality, safe, essential oils for use with animals


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Dr. Melissa Shelton has been involved with Essential Oils for animals for many years. Even before her introduction into the aromatherapy world, there has been a level of controversy regarding the use of essential oils with animals, especially cats. It became Dr. Shelton's passion and mission to truly figure out if essential oils were harmful or helpful. Through work in her holistic veterinary clinic, she collected any data possible on toxicity reports, and also on cases that had proven, beneficial results. To Dr. Shelton, the results could and should not be ignored. Truly wonderful things could come by the proper use of high-quality essential oils.
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Dr. Melissa Shelton is an internationally recognized holistic veterinarian, who specializes in using medical grade essential oils for complete and natural care of all animals. By using essential oils along with nutrition, whole food supplements, and other holistic modalities - Dr. Shelton has helped many animals for which traditional medicine has no answer.

She is an accomplished author of several books, including The Animal Desk Reference II. Teaching, writing about, and practicing Veterinary Aromatic Medicine is a passion for Dr. Shelton, and she has visited locations in Canada, Japan, Australia, U.S.A., and Europe sharing her knowledge...
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